On June 14th at 7:26 p.m, eastern time the Sun will move into Gemini and adding his fiery energy to the conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.  Additionally, the Moon is currently in Leo and being aspected by Mars – the aspect will be exact on the 15th at 8:26 a.m., eastern time.

The short version of the planetary weather is that the energy is fiery and possibly aggressive right now.  Once the Moon moves into Virgo on Sunday the 16th at 10:18 a.m. the energy will be less fiery.

The energy of the Sun can add to the creative expression of all of those planets in Gemini and might help many to be more proactive and focused. However, it is important to keep in mind that Gemini is not a strong sign in terms of physical strength.  Gemini has a strong impact on the nervous system as well as the lungs and respiratory system – this is a time period during which attention must be paid to physical health.  The Sun now playing a role in Gemini can cause inflammation to the general upswing of nervous energy.  It is important to find down time and use stress reduction techniques.

A wonderful technique from the world of yoga is known as “Sitali Breath.”  It is simple and will calm down the nervous system and work to cool off the internal organs: While sitting in a comfortable posture, purse the lips, stick out the tongue and fold it (some people are unable to fold the tongue and they should just stick it out while trying to keep the lips pursed), once the mouth and tongue are locked in position simply breath in and out through the mouth.  This technique can be done for 3 minutes or 26 times.