For many of us it can seem as if lately the same situations or challenges greet us at some point throughout our day. This happens even after we thought we had made progress or perhaps even settled the issue and for some it can even be issues that were thought to have been settled years ago.

These type of situations may seem more prominent since January of this year when Rahu joined Saturn in the sign of Libra. The transits of these two last can last for as long as eighteen months – this transit will be with us until July of 2014. Rahu will stay in one sign for eighteen months and Saturn for approximately two and half years. Rahu and Saturn will conjunct each other approximately every twelve years or so and these two coming together tend to shake up the world around us and at the same time can play out karmically in our lives.

While they come together every twelve years it is rare for them to come together in the sign of Libra. Rahu is considered to be air-like in nature and Libra being an air sign is not a particularly negative placement for Rahu. Libra is also Saturn’s exaltation sign and the changes and challenges brought about by Saturn’s, every twenty-eight year journey through Libra, has the potential to bring about improvements. The improvements only come with honesty, hard work and patience – Saturn knows no other way of operating. What we are observing around us may seem totally chaotic but once these transits are over some of the changes will prove to be beneficial.

On a personal level these two cosmic bodies meeting is interesting because one can bring in new situations and karma while the other seems focused on the old and appears to be fighting the new. Rahu is known for change which often comes with surprises. Saturn is the planetary force that focuses on karmic lessons and responsibilities. Saturn operates through patience, effort and truth. Rahu is often just the opposite as one of the influences of addiction, illusion and irresponsibility. The result of this conjunction can be frustration as one tries to get rid of the responsibilities or burdens that appear to be preventing one from experiencing a happier or more peaceful life.

This particular conjunction can be frustrating as the challenges seem to be stronger than usual. It can be confusing as one begins to see life through the new eyes of Rahu but the mundane events seem to be mired in mud. Of course, the purpose is to force inner growth and personal empowerment. As we approach the exact conjunction the situations that cause the most frustration can become even more intense. What is guaranteed is that the houses affected in the natal chart will represent the areas of life that is most affected. Knowing which houses are affected can be important as the people, events and attitudes of those houses will be the ones that call for the most attention and effort.

The signs affected are Aries/Libra for Rahu and Saturn. Due to Saturn’s influence Sagittarius and Cancer are also highlighted. Please note that these are the signs as calculated by the sidereal zodiac – this information will not appear on articles using the tropical zodiac or in the newspapers and magazines as different signs will be used.

There are times in life when it is best to give up control and try to observe life with a level of detachment – this is one of those times. Jupiter which is currently in the sign of Gemini is aspecting this conjunction and does give a decent amount of positive energy to the sign of Libra – when this conjunction is over there may be more to celebrate than we can even imagine now. All planets are good for something and all experiences are opportunities for growth especially the rare Rahu/Saturn conjunction.

If you are reading this and have no idea what this conjunction is affecting in your life please note that I offer a short email consultation that can be used to fill you in on how this one conjunction is affecting your life.