The biggest planetary news at the moment is the movement of Mars into the sign of Leo on Saturday morning (October 5th).  As we all know, Cancer is the most challenging sign for Mars, and has played a role in the anger and fluctuating energy levels of the past weeks.   Mars is more at home in Leo and energy levels for projects and life will begin to build again.  I’ve been hearing from clients reports of stomach upsets and that should calm down once Mars moves away from Cancer – the sign of the stomach. 

Equally important is the fact that Mars and Saturn will no longer be in aspect to one another nor will Mars be agitating the Rahu/Saturn/Mercury conjunction.  We may see a lessening of tension among our so-called “leaders”, allowing for a more rational approach to our political world.  I don’t expect miracles but it would be nice to see some sanity return.  With Mars away from this powerful conjunction the aspect of the positive Jupiter has the potential to bring about good results during the month of October.

Mercury will continue to be a planet of influence during the month of October as he is conjunct both Rahu and Saturn.  Until the 22nd, when he goes retrograde, it is possible that stalled or tense communication can be replaced by more open and harmonious personal communication. 

There are two eclipses on the horizon (18th of October and 3rd of November) and Mercury is impacted by both of these eclipses.  Additionally, Mercury will begin his retrograde motion on the 22nd of October.  This will bring in more confusion along with both weather and electronic problems.  It will not surprise me if we witness late season hurricanes after what has been a quiet hurricane season.  Until we finish with the eclipses and Mercury retrograde (end 11/10) the surprises will continue.  After the year we have had the biggest surprise may just be that we end the year on a lighter and more positive note.

I am of the opinion that Saturn is the strongest planetary influence and no matter how much turmoil and change we are experiencing right now in the end Saturn, being exalted in Libra, will help move us all to a better and more stable position.  The conjunction of Saturn with the eclipse points can cause the negative reactions to the confusion and fear for many. However,  in the end we will see that Saturn has been stronger all along.  We will also see the benefits of Jupiter’s protective nature especially after May of 2014.  There are better days ahead.

As much confusion as the eclipse energy causes on outer events eclipses are really good for internal awareness and growth.  The eclipse points are good for the inner-self or soul and, along with the lessons of the karmic teacher Saturn, these times are good for spiritual understanding of the self and others.  Mercury going retrograde in the middle of the eclipses will give all of us an opportunity to tweak our awareness and move more quickly towards the goal of inner peace and harmony.  The houses affected by this configuration will give us the challenges that, like the pressure on carbon, can reveal the diamond within each of us. 

I am aware that many people do not know exactly which houses and mundane events are being affected by these unique planetary configurations.  I am also aware of how carefully we are all watching our finances at this time.  If you are interested in finding out how you are being affected and how you can take advantage of the opportunities for break-through growth please contact me at:  because I am offering a special rate during this time period.

Take a moment over the weekend to bid good-bye to Mars debilitated with the knowledge that he will not be visiting Cancer again for approximately eighteen months.