We are approaching the end of a very trying and rather crazy year.  While problems will not disappear at the moment it is nice to know that the planets are quiet and not presenting us with even more problems.  The relative quietness is greatly appreciated as we move through the holiday season.

Currently Saturn and Rahu are alone in Libra now that the Sun, Venus and Mercury have moved away from their fierce influence.  Venus is currently retrograde in the sign of Capricorn which may account for the sense of reflection many are experiencing.  Venus will be retrograde until February 11th and will retrograde back into Sagittarius on January 6th.  Once Venus moves into Sagittarius he will be in aspect again with the other benefic Jupiter who is also retrograde.

Retrograde planets tend to delay mundane events and on a personal level can work from a subconscious level.  Given what this year has been like it is positive that mundane events are slowed down a bit and the nature of the two benefics being retrograde does give us all the opportunity for reflection and healing.  It is almost as if we are being given the opportunity to look back at the past year in order to let go of what we need to let go of and to find moments of gratitude for what has been good in our lives.

Venus rules the fourth chakra which is the traditional space of the heart and compassion.  At this time of the year having the ruler of the heart retrograde points us all towards looking within ourselves for the joy of being and for the compassion to give to the world, our loved ones and ourselves.  Even the simple act of crossing our palms over our hearts while breathing softly and deeply will help us tune into the essence of our own being which is always compassionate and joyful.  During this holiday season what could be more appropriate? 

The quietness of the planets will continue through most of January before they start to put on the pressure again.  I will write more about that after the holidays.  In the meantime – I wish you all the blessing of the season and look forward to moving forward with you into the changing universe of these times.