The eclipse will start around 12 am, eastern time and continue until 4:15 am.  For some, tonight’s sleep can be restless despite being so tired.  It is best to eat lightly and allow ourselves to exhale.  The energy will begin to lighten up in the next few days. Mars will still be aspecting Mercury and the Sun until the 5th of May giving a need to continue to exercise patience for a few more days. Even with the Mars aspects the energy is finally moving forward in a more positive direction.

Venus is now in the sign of Pisces – his sign of exaltation.  Mars is aspecting the sign of Pisces which is good for creative expression. The month of May is good for creative projects and favors the Spring ritual of sprucing up gardens as well as projects and purchases which brighten up our home base.  

May is going to be quieter and the world will be experiencing a lessening of surprises and shocking events. It is a good month to relax and renew in anticipation of the big transit changes which start in June.