On May 22nd Mercury moved into his home sign of Gemini where he is sharing space with Jupiter. Mercury is the intellectual and neutral minds and has a strong influence on the nervous system.  This is a solid placement for Mercury and along with Jupiter many of can feel a lighter and clearer energy.  Mercury will be in Gemini until July 27th because of an upcoming Mercury retrograde.  Retrograde or not it is a positive to have Mercury station in Gemini.

Just in time for the holiday weekend Venus moved into the sign of Aries on Friday, the 23rd. Aries is not a great sign for Venus but not as challenging as Venus in Virgo or Scorpio.  The challenge for Venus at this time is that he is conjunct the detached and heavy Ketu which may explain the emotional drop many have are feeling at the moment.  The lowering of the Venus energy for a holiday weekend can be disappointing for some.  Because Aries is opposite the relationship sign of Libra there could be conflict or disappointment in relationships for the next week or so. Ketu is the south node of the Moon and leads towards quiet introspection as well as an increase in moments of intuitive clarity.  This is a time when it is best to focus thoughts inward and to assess one’s self rather than others.  It is a given that some people may be quiet, confused or prone to disappointing others at this moment – it is best to not try and force others to change.

It is also the beginning of the New Moon cycle which will be exact on the 28th and the Moon itself will join the Venus/Ketu conjunction on the 25th around 6:40 a.m.  The energy will be low and should be respected for that quality.  It is a good time for resting, healing, introspection, reading, movies, music and quiet time in nature.  Trying to force too much fun or too many projects will be counter-intuitive which can lead to disappointment, conflict with others or pushing the body into greater tiredness. The Moon will enter Gemini on May 29th at approximately 10:45 p.m.  Once the Moon moves in Gemini the energy will begin to build, Venus will be farther away from Ketu and the overall mood will improve. 

Because we are dealing with the sign of Aries impatience and head-strong impulsivity are always possibles reaction to disappointments or frustration.  During this cycle it is important to be aware of yourself and others from approximately 2:15 p.m. until 4:55 p.m. – reacting in anger or without common sense during this time period will not bring about the desired result. ALL TIMES ARE GIVEN IN EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME – ADJUST THE TIMES ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN TIME ZONE. 

Paying attention to our reactions and expectations will go a long way towards using the holiday as a restful and perhaps enlightening long weekend.  Every planetary configuration is good for something and I think we could all use some quiet rest which is what the planets are offering us at this time – if there are those in your life who can’t help but overreact it is best to just give them their space and enjoy your own attitude of peaceful quiet.