August is often referred to as the “dog days of summer.” If that holds true for this August the dog will not be cute or friendly. This month is going to be, at best, an uncomfortable for most of us.

Mars is now in the sign of Libra along with Saturn. These two planets do not mix well as their natures are very different from each other. Saturn is slow, deliberate and has a strong affinity for common sense and truth. Mars, as we all know, is impulsive, aggressive and cares little for the methods used to achieve his goals.

On a personal level we are, once again, back into the realms of tense relationships. Impatient partners will exhibit a lack of patience as well as a determination to win each argument. The frustration will be compounded by Saturn who will not allow for quick achievements – some of us will feel as if we are walking on the razor’s edge. Those who have the greater capacity for patience will welcome the restraint of Saturn but it is best to not expect the fiery ones to appreciate Saturn’s nature. Most Astrologers, myself included, believe that Saturn is the stronger energy and will advise to stick with the truth and patience of the Saturn energy – Mars will move on by September 6th but until then the pull of the two planets will be a source of frustration.

All planets are good for something and the one area that Saturn and Mars agree upon is work and achievement. This is a good month to pursue physical exercise and to take care of those tiresome chores around the home as both the physical energy and the endurance to finish what was started will be available. It is not a good time to procrastinate or to cut travel time too close as there can be many delays and surprises – it is best to be prepared by having extra time for the unexpected.

It looks as if the entire world is in crisis at this time – we can all expect an uptick in the bad news for the month of August. Once Mars leaves Libra on September 6th Saturn will finally be the major influence in the sign of Libra – September and October may bring some surprising resolutions to some of the conflicts.

August will be a challenge and some days will be more of a challenge than others. August 2, 3, 4, 15, 16, 19-24 and 30, 31 are days of increased tension and surprises.  On a daily basis the time period from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m, eastern time, can be a time period when the struggle for patience is stronger.

Finally, as discussed recently, the Nodal Points are now in Virgo/Pisces.  Rahu is the North Node and known for his irrational influence and is in Virgo is the sign of health. Within two days of the movement we had two courts come out with opposite rulings with regard to the “health care law” – this is typical for Rahu energy and does go to prove that Rahu’s influence is being felt.

Try to stay calm and centered for the month of August – there are better times right down the road.