The first time I ever heard of the “Age of Aquarius” was in 1969 when the song by the Fifth Dimension swept the airwaves.  In many ways, this song marked the heady days of the Woodstock summer and was embraced by a generation which was optimistic about the future of the world despite that fact that many of us began our adolescent years with the killing of JFK, followed by the killing of MLK and,right before adulthood, lived through the murder of RFK.  The generation coming of age that summerwas also the generation who watched their friends, brothers, cousins, and neighbors march off to Viet
Nam as well as seeing four little girls being killed in a church in Alabama and “Freedom Riders” being murdered for having the audacity to believe in Civil Rights for every American.

We needed to hear and believe that a new age was here and that we could make the world a better place.  Everything seemed possible in those days and, for those of us who were fortunate enough to have attended Woodstock and observed close-up approximately one million people crowded together in a venue with little food, poor sanitary conditions, terrible organization and sleeping on the muddy ground through rain storms (without losing our enjoyment of the music and one another ),it certainly did seem as if we were on the dawn of a new age.

Of course, life went on, and war, poverty, and responsibilities continued as most of us moved into adulthood.  The music changed, and the “Age of Aquarius” became a memory.  At the time, while I was Interested in astrology, references to the “Age of Aquarius” were not frequent.

Years later while living in Florida and training to be a Raj-Kundalini yoga instructor and rediscovering my love of astrology through the Vedic system,  I came across a reference to the “Age of Aquarius.”  I was attending a class at the local 3HO center and came across this quote from Yogi Bhajan: “The Age of Aquarius is not a Piscean age.  Piscean age was, “There’s knowledge, please take me there.”  Aquarian is,”I have the knowledge. Let me serve, uplift and glow.”  I read this quote in 1992 and was intrigued by the words,  especially since they were presented almost twenty-five years after the song was being played throughout the world.

As I continued my Vedic Astrology studies, eventually I did come across the teachings of “yugas” or“world ages.”  The concept of world ages appear in both western and eastern astrological teachings and can be complex with the inevitable conclusion being that it is impossible to mark the day, month or even year when the planet moves  from one age to the next.  No astrologer can state with accuracy when one age begins and another ends.  The concept of time within the greater universe is not as exact or linear as it is in our mundane world.  The shift from one age to the next is not remotely similar to operating a light switch which, in the blink of an eye, can darken or lighten a room. The shift is more like
the growing light of the dawn or the darkening of the light at twilight.

Ever since we moved into the 21st century, there has been much talk about a new age being upon us and certainly, especially with the advance of technology, life today seems very different from even twenty years ago.  There was much talk about 2012 being the “official” shift because of the rare alignment of the Sun of our solar system with the Sun that lies right outside of our solar system.  Other astrologers will attribute a change of ages to equinoxes or constellations lining up to some particular point on the ecliptic path.  Astrology is a science which, along with calculations has always involved thoughtful observation of the skies as well as life on planet earth.  Simple observation is going to tell all of us that this is a time period of great change.  Although many reasons cause the current conflicts, one of the big reasons is the all-too-frequent tendency of some humans’ egoistic minds to fight change at all costs.

While there are many criteria to determining “ages,” one aspect that is agreed upon is that each of the shorter ages is defined by an approximate two thousand year span of a particular sign defining an age period.  All astrological systems believe that we started the Age of Pisces around 1 A.D. and that the primary teaching of the Piscean Age would come from the teachings of Jesus.  Within the Christian religions, Jesus was believed to have died for our sins, and that led to the false belief that one is helpless without a “savior.”  As Yogi Bhajan said:  Piscean age was, “There’s knowledge, please take me there.” That attitude is not going to work in this new age.

However, just as there is not a definitive moment of the switching of an age, there can also be an expansion on the teachings which defined an age.  I attended twelve years of Catholic schooling and, for me, the primary teaching was not the death of Jesus to save me but the simple concept of: “The kingdom of God is within.”  This statement will be brought along with us as we transition to a new age for humanity.  There is not a need for something outside of ourselves to bring us knowledge, peace, or enlightenment – – what we need is right inside of ourselves, and it is not to be defined by our money, our possessions, or the admiration of others.  The knowledge of what exists inside of each of us has been a
primary focus of the past few decades – the knowledge and tools on how to find that inner knowledge  is easily obtained now, and it is the knowledge of our shared soul seed which will lead us to the promise of the “Age of Aquarius.”  By working within ourselves, we can come to realize that our suffering is not so different from the suffering of others no matter how outer circumstances may appear.  This realization brings about compassion as well as empathy.  I don’t believe that there will be any single savior who can give us this – it is going to be up to each of us to gain the knowledge, understand it and share it with those who are open to it.

Astrology, Tarot, Runes, etc., have been around for thousands of years and, during the Age of Pisces, began to be condemned by those in authority.  Because of this censure, many of the original teachings moved underground.  These teachings were kept alive for the so-called ability to predict the future.  In the two thousand year time period of the Piscean Age, it wasn’t until much later that human beings had much choice in their lives, which made the aspect of “prediction” much easier than it is today.   Prediction kept the knowledge alive but prediction was based on fear and, once again, a look towards something from outside of ourselves to give us safety and inner peace. This was very much in keeping with the nature of the Pisces age.

The planets offer a much deeper look into our psyches and the energetics behind our physical, observable world.  Each planet has its purpose and teachings which work in tandem with our karmas. The purpose, of course, is to lead each of us to the awareness of the truth of our existence and to the knowledge that we are all so much more (and less) than our physical/mental lives.

After the movement of Saturn in Scorpio, many people started to experience problems with relationships, and the surfacing of deeper emotional issues surprised many, too. This was compounded by the fact that, when Saturn entered Scorpio, he was accompanied at various times by the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. I found that for many people there was discouragement and even hopelessness.  What’s important to remember is that it is Saturn’s job to dig up the dirt so it can be cleaned and released from within ourselves.  Scorpio being a deeply emotional and transformative sign with a tendency to keep secrets is often the sign which contains our own secrets. It is even more important to understand that the secretive emotions are generally affecting us regardless of our awareness of them.  Being truthful and proactive can make this a very healing and liberating time for those who are willing to do the inner work (and to not focus on things and people from the outside world)  in order to be awake and peaceful.

Astrology is a weather map which is good for determining mundane timing, but it is also an internal weather map which is best used for personal growth and spiritual realization.  That being said, the astrological weather is much better now than it was in November when Saturn first entered the sign of Scorpio.

The good news is that Saturn is now alone in Scorpio where he will continue to work on inner truth and healing, but he is no longer afflicting the lighter influences of Mercury and Venus.  The aspect of Jupiter is the most important influence on Saturn which means that the time is good for using study and spiritual practices to soothe and understand what Saturn is working on within our emotions. Additionally, Venus and Mercury are conjunct in the sign of Capricorn and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn.   It is a good time to use the Jupiter influence to allow ourselves to feel optimistic as well as to engage in creativity.  Saturn’s influence on Mercury and Venus is positive because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which will help stabilize the emotions.  Saturn likes accomplishment, and this is the time to be able to better focus at work, to undertake a new creative project, and to put into action any plans for better health, relationships, and personal healing.

In my opinion, 2015 is not going to be as crazy or difficult as 2014, but the transition continues. There is much work to be done on this planet, but we can be successful as long as we’ll take responsibility, be open to change, and know that each of us share in our human soul.