Mercury is now in the sign of Taurus which is a positive sign placement for him. However, he is being directly aspected by Saturn in Scorpio and, as we all know, Saturn can be a heavy influence.Do not be surprised or self-judging if thoughts seem to be more negative than usual. Sometimesthe best we can do is to not act on the negative thoughts and emotions. It is a time to observe our thoughts and emotions so we can understand ourselves and others better. Saturn is still in Scorpio
and continues to stir the pot of deep-seated emotions. Mercury, if handled with discernment and calmness, can bring about clarity to our deepest emotional patterns so that the emotional blocks can be understood and released.

We are a few weeks away from Mercury going into his retrograde motion. Mercury goes retrogradeon eastern time on 5/18 at 8 p.m., until 6/11 at 7 p.m., eastern time. This retrograde pattern can add to the energy of Saturn pulling us towards deeper emotional patterns and issues for individuals, as well as society in general. We all have history and, without understanding the past, it can be difficult to move forward without making the same mistakes again. It is an attitude of exploration and healing which will bring the benefits of this particular Mercury retrograde.

Of course with Saturn being involved, there can be moments of sadness, frustration, and evenhopelessness – I find that sometimes we just have to give ourselves permission to feel thenegativity without trying to ignore the feelings through various ways of escape. It is okay to have days which feel like an “emotional flu” and not to justify or judge ourselves – the
negativity ends quicker if we don’t pile on a bunch of other present-day emotions. Saturn isbusy these days trying to clean out our internal garbage, and we can help by not filling up thebin with new garbage. MAY 1, 2, 3 will be the days of Saturn and Mercury being closest in aspect. Fortunately, once Mercury goes retrograde he will turn direct before the opposition
becomes exact in degree again.

Things will get more interesting when Mars enters Taurus on May 4th because he still will be inmutual aspect with Saturn in Scorpio. The challenge will be that Mars will try and add fuel tothe thoughts of Mercury. It is always best to concentrate on our own emotions and to not tryto change others. Saturn will still be involved with Mars, which does give assistance in workingwith restraint. Difficult days will be MAY 5TH AND 6TH, when the Moon is in Scorpio, and the New Moon on MAY 18TH when the Moon will be conjunct Mercury and Mars, along with being aspected by Saturn in Scorpio. Once Mars enters Taurus on May 4th he will not be quite as fiery and, while still in aspect with Scorpio, he will no longer be aspecting Cancer and Libra as his energy turns to aspecting Leo and Sagittarius. Leo and Sagittarius can handle the energy of Mars better than Cancer and Libra with the additional benefit of taking the pressure off of personal relationships.

Finally on MAY 2ND Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini. Venus does well in the sign of Gemini,and this will bring Venus beyond the energy of Saturn. Venus in Gemini favors the mind and creativity – it can help with understanding and clarify the internal turmoil and the times of change in which we are living.

This is a good time to stay active and involved in positive projects. As usual, it is important tokeep the nervous system strong and find time for music and laughter. People who are living infear or who tend to stay asleep in consciousness may not handle this energy very well and willtend to be uncooperative and possibly hostile. While trying to not react is the best way tohandle them, we are all human and during the month of May there will be moments when thefrustrations may cause a reaction of anger. There is a simple mantra that can help calmdown the anger – Om Hoom Om. Adding this mantra to other techniques can be very helpful.This is a pivotal time in the human journey and, as long as we are open to change, there is noreason to live in fear. It is a time of understanding that, while the journey may be difficult, we can choose to not suffer through it – we all have our challenges and we all have the choice to choose to be peaceful and even happy no matter what is going on around us.

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