Modern science in the past few decades has made discoveries that verify what mystics,occultists, astrologers, and metaphysicians have been talking about for thousands of years.Through studies in such subjects as physics, it has become apparent that energies unseen to our eyes not only influence our lives but connect us to the greater universe. The terminology used is different from those terms used by the mystics and astrologers, but the truth of the energetics is the same.

The original source of the unseen energetic knowledge began in ancient India and is shared today via the teachings of Vedic Astrology, Yoga ,and Ayurveda. Vedic Astrology was traditionally a subject that encompassed the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda as well as Jyotish. Jyotish was considered as important knowledge in the quest for harmony within body, mind,
and spirit.

The planets themselves were known to be associated with the energy centers known as“chakras,” and it was taught that, by balancing out the energetics of the planets, one could overcome challenging planetary placements and enhance the energy of the harmonious placements. The predictions normally associated with astrology came about via the knowledge of the planets along with the timing of the movements of the cosmic bodies. To be fair, it was much easier to make predictions at other times in history because people had much less choice and opportunity. Today we are living in a world filled with choices, changes, and the sometimes chaotic nature of a global new age. This means that inner balance is more valuable than predictions at this time. The choice to stay grounded while keeping the energetic balanced will go a long way toward riding these waves of change with strong bodies and minds enabling us to benefit from the changes rather than cowering in a corner or choosing to unleash destructive chaos in our personal lives.

Mercury is the planet of discrimination, communication, and the nervous system. He rules the fifth chakra (throat area) as well as having an influence on weather patterns. Since April, Mercury has been under the influence of Saturn and Mars, the two strongest malefic planets which have hampered the better qualities of Mercury. Mercury moved into the sign of Cancer on July 21st and will remain there until August 4th when he moves into the sign of Leo. Neither Cancer nor Leo are the best signs for this swift-moving planet, but he is finally free from the influence of both Mars and Saturn and will join up with the benefic planets of Jupiter and Venus. Many people are coming out of a period in which they have either been involved in poor communication, or they have almost bitten through their tongue to keep from joining into the fray around them. It will be helpful to find some down time now that Mercury is in Cancer and will not cause disharmony in relationships because of words and actions which took place during the Spring and early Summer time periods. This is a good time to just exhale and enjoy creative pursuits.

The big news now is that Jupiter and Venus are together in the sign of Leo. These two planets are considered to be the most benefic of all the planets. They are also the brightest planets in the night sky and can be observed without a telescope by all of us. Jupiter rules the second chakra which is the chakra of desire as well as one of the most important points of healing on an energetic level. The Buddha taught that desire is the primary cause of suffering and, as this chakra has a strong influence on our desires, it stands to reason that our disappointments and hurts are also stored in this chakra. Venus rules the fourth chakra which is the energetic seat of our hearts as well as our capacity for compassion and love. The fourth chakra is also the balance point between the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras. The two benefics
coming together can be an opportunity for positive growth and will work as a beneficial protection, especially if our desires and goals are of a creative and spiritual nature.

While the two benefic planets together offers an ease in being positive and hopeful, it is noteworthy that Saturn is aspecting the sign of Leo until 2017. Saturn plays a role as a great teacher although he is often seen as a difficult taskmaster. Saturn rules the first chakra which is located at the base of the spine. The first chakra is known as the root chakra and is involved in our ability to achieve a mundane life that is financially secure. The ability to be comfortable and grounded in a physical world requires a well-functioning first chakra. Saturn is also a planet concerned with truth and the general population. It is a planet known to “dig up the dirt” on a personal as well as public level. The basic nature of Saturn is one of patience. He will work to delay outcomes until there is truth and organization to the situation. Saturn is a planet much dreaded but, in truth, he can be the easiest planet to deal with if one can be patient, diligent and truthful. As we move through the benefic conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, it is important to remember that they are conjunct in the fiery and impatient sign of Leo. Saturn aspecting this sign will not allow fast movement, and Jupiter and Venus together will be pushing for our desires to be of a higher frequency – sexual and monetary desires are not the panacea for what ails human life on this planet.

Currently, Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, and this slow-moving planet – – through sexuality, corporate-type money, the subconscious mind, and investigation – – promises that the world and many individuals will have a different perspective on life by the time he moves into Sagittarius in 2017. Scorpio, while not the planet of the second chakra, is a sign which will affect the second chakra via desires, especially sexual desires. It is no accident that Scorpio has an influence on the subconscious mind because it is the subconscious mind which holds our fears, hurts, disappointments, and other emotional baggage… which tends to keep us from the inner peace and harmony we desire. Interestingly, no matter what one does to heal – if the second chakra is not healed, the hurts still will have the ability to trip us up at any time – the vehicle for
the negative thoughts and actions often lie in the subconscious mind.

It is the energy of Saturn in Scorpio which is giving so many of us the opportunity to do some healing on the issues we thought we were done with but which, for apparently no reason, seem to be staring us right in the face again. By keeping in mind that fear is a key word for the first chakra, and the second chakra will hold many of our hurts, we have the ability to be done with the effects of past fears and hurts. Saturn aspecting both Venus and Jupiter does bring an opportunity to understand the compassionate nature of Venus ruling the heart while encouraging the Jupiter teachings of spirituality, which can push us to use that second chakra desire energy to heal ourselves and discover the truth of existence.

Jupiter will remain in the sign of Leo until the summer of 2016. This energy can have a positive effect on those who have important placements in the sign of Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. A strong conjunction, the Moon, the Sun and/or the Ascendant will be influenced by this placement of Jupiter. One has to have a chart calculated in order to know the placements of the planets and Ascendant. However, the Sun being in any of those signs is based on just the birthday: Leo : August 16th- September 15th; Sagittarius: December 16th– January 14th; Aquarius: February 15th– March 14th; Aries: April 15th– May 14th.

The other big news for the summer is Mars moving into the sign of Cancer on July 30th. Mars is debilitated in Cancer. Mars will stay in the sign of Cancer until September 15th. Mars is the ruler of the third chakra which has an influence over one’s energy and determination. A healthy third chakra gives one confidence and the ability to manifest positive results from our actions along with physical stamina, leadership, and a good sense of humor. Mars, as we know, is the planet of accidents, aggression, war, and anger. On the world scene, we are going to observe rumblings of war, discord, and even violence.

It will be important to keep the world around us in perspective and to focus on our own inner harmony and to work with the Venus energy in order to be able to practice kindness with people in our personal relationships. The world’s craziness is not for us to worry about because we can only control our own actions and reactions.

On a personal level, Mars in debilitation is going to affect those who have strong planets in Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. Since Mars is the ruler of the third chakra located in the region of stomach and is in the sign of Cancer which influences the food we eat, one of the easiest actions to take is to be mindful of the food we are eating. The biggest challenge to Mars in Cancer can be energy flow. Simply put , our energy flow can be slow or erratic, and it is important for all of us, but especially those with strong planets in the above-mentioned signs, to pace ourselves and to make sure we get the proper amount of rest and relaxation. Often, those who have Mars debilitated in their charts try to do too much because they can lack an awareness of their own energy flow and, by not pacing themselves properly, they never seem to reach their goals which results in the loss of confidence for which a poorly functioning third chakra is known. The proper food and wise expectations – – along with common sense with regard to energy – – can go a long way toward working with a debilitated Mars.

If Saturn is delaying the results expected from the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, and Mars is in debilitation it makes sense to understand that the months of August and September are not the months in which to expect our dreams and desires to manifest quickly. They are the “dog days of summer” and we can perhaps take a hint from the waning summer months to slow down, relax, and let our creative dreams be nourished while preparing for the next cycle. We do not have to lie around feeling like victims or failures – – we can move slowly towards our goals, exercise moderately, enjoy music, and find movies or people who make us laugh. We can balance out the Mars energy and find some enjoyment in life which goes forward no matter what the planetary weather and the crazy world presents at any given time.