Mars and Venus are now closely conjunct in the sign of Virgo and both are very close to our friend Rahu. Venus will be exactly conjunct on the 8th of November and Mars will be exact on the 12th. My experience has taught me that the most challenging times are as the planets “approach” the exact point of conjunction. Venus is debilitated in Virgo and Mars is not well-placed either. This energy can heighten our levels of stress and those around us can seem more fussy than usual. Venus is a planet of relationship and Mars can be a planet of anger. It is important to not throw fuel onto the fires which may appear in our personal relationships.

Virgo is the sign of health and has an influence over business. Mercury rules Virgo which emphasizes business and until the latter part of November we may hear negativity with regard to business. Rahu is one of the eclipse points and with Mars crossing over the point of the recent eclipse and we should not be surprised if the planet experiences a large natural weather event. The involvement of Mars can also herald the trumpet of war in one of our many trouble spots. Fortunately, the influence in Virgo will not be with us for long and no matter what the news we should not overreact to it.

On a personal level it can help to understand the nature of Virgo. Often under the Virgo influence one can get enmeshed in details and lose sight of the bigger picture. Virgo is on of those signs which can push towards “hamster braining” and with the Mars influence it can be difficult to let an insult, worry or disappointment go as it gets played out over and over again in our minds. It can be much better to use exercise or diversion to help one move on from the worry or anger. Since it is possible that the situation which is affecting us can come via a personal relationship or co-worker restraint might be the best way to handle the situation especially since the chances are high that the situation itself is being caused by the other person’s own stress and worries. Mars, of course, is anger and to quiet the reactive anger it can help to take a few moments to breathe in and out of the left nostril. A helpful mantra for anger is “Om Hoom Om” which can be more effective than the well-known counting to ten.

Whenever there is a strong influence in Virgo health becomes a factor. Since Virgo has an influence over the digestion attention should be given to the quality and quantity of the food that is eaten during this time period. Mars rules the blood and Venus rules the blood circulation which means that this is not the time to ignore viral or bacterial infections. Allergies tend to be high during the fall and it is best to pay attention to allergens so that the immune system is not weakened to the point that it becomes easy to get an infection.

The Sun will move into Scorpio and out of debilitation on the 16th of November a few days after Mars passes the exact degree of Rahu. This will begin the upswing and while we are not yet into the clearer skies of December the stress should begin to lessen. The most intense days, in my opinion, will be as the Moon passes through Virgo, Libra and Scorpio which is going to put pressure on our minds and emotions. Be aware from 11/7 until 11/14 and use whatever tools you have to try and be as non-reactive as possible.