Saturday, 6/11/16, was a day during which I had that all too familiar knot in the pit of my stomach – a knot which lets me know something unpleasant is coming.  Knowing that the Sun, Venus and Mercury were all being aspected by the malefics Saturn and Mars along with the Moon in hot Leo (the mind) being conjunct Rahu (nodal point which often indicates an unstable mind) on Saturday evening I did not think it was going to be a weather related event.  Sadly, by Sunday morning, the knot in my stomach was replaced by an ache in my heart. Both of my children went to school in Orlando and it turns out that my daughter knew five of Saturday night’s victims which made this horror more personal to me.

I do my best to give people fair warning as to when the planets are going to be in unpleasantly challenging positions.  For me the most challenging is always when Mars goes retrograde as a retrograde planet is closer to earth during the retrograde time period. Mars is a planet of action, aggression and anger and his retrograde period happens approximately every eighteen months and he retrogrades for approximately eight months.  Eight months is a long time to have strong Mars energy on our backs. Mars will leave the sign of Scorpio and move back into Libra on June 17th which will give some relief to those with strong Scorpio in their charts.  Mars will resume forward motion on June 30th and will re-enter the sign of Scorpio on July 12th and will stay in Scorpio until September 18th.  (Personally, I will plan to do something nice for myself on the day he moves into Sagittarius as a celebration of Mars moving out of Scorpio.)

As many of us know Saturn has also been in the sign of Scorpio for almost two years and this placement has been filled with tension as Saturn has blocked the swiftness of action which is preferred by Mars.  The conflict of the opposing nature of these two planets sharing a sign has made this time period even more frustrating. Every planet has a purpose and higher truth.  Mars is responsible for ambition, building and many successful accomplishments.  Saturn is known for hard work, patience, inner peace and truth.  These two planets coming together in the sign of Scorpio gives, on the highest level, opportunities to understand our deepest desires, shames, fears and psychological blocks.  The active nature of Mars also affords us the opportunity to move beyond intellectual understanding and into the realm of clearing out the garbage and healing ourselves into the peacefulness of truth which is the reward Saturn will bestow on those who choose to do the work.

We are all also a part of a society which includes many other people.  Here in America we live in a multi-cultural society which, to some, is a beautiful tapestry of humanity.  Unfortunately, to others who are more tribal in attitude or who are afraid of what lays beyond their personal little sandboxes, the fact that America is home to such a variety of people is something to be abhorred rather than celebrated.  Somehow in the past few decades the loudest and most powerful voices belong to those filled with fear and bigotry which has resulted in this country becoming more angry and violent.  Perhaps it is time for all of us to examine the truth of Saturn along with the action of Mars so that we can fix the problem.

People of good conscience will feel compassion for the numerous victims of gun violence in this country, many will pray, sign petitions and, approximately 35-40%, will vote for politicians who are willing to address both the guns and the mental health issues.

Do these actions address the fact that the loudest and most powerful voices belong to the fear-filled bigots?  How many of us sit on the fence afraid of speaking our truth out loud? How many of us participate in yoga for its physical benefits without going deeper into the spiritual truths of the teachings of yoga? How many of us know the truth of the unity of all human beings but prefer to not speak of these truths in front of our more conservative family and friends who might argue with us or gossip about us? How many of us are part of the approximately 60% who do not vote because politics is, by nature, a dirty business? How many of us are willing to stand up to the local school board who decided that yoga was not to be taught in schools?  How many of us are afraid of being “unfriended” on Facebook by stating what we really believe in a post?

Answering these questions honestly is a positive reaction to the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.  Taking a simple action like speaking one’s truth is not done to “defeat” the opposing viewpoint it is done to help give others the courage to speak out as well.  In private polls done throughout the country it is estimated that 70% to 80% of people are open minded and looking for positive changes in our society yet nothing gets done because the smaller group of people are never afraid of speaking their minds. Rather than hoping for the media to change or for one person sitting in the White House to fix all of our problems it is time perhaps for all of us to be more forthright in our own truth for that is how the conversation changes which, in turn, will gain support for a more humane society.

Most who read this blog know the value of the teachings which come from the Vedic Spiritual philosophies. These teachings are not the norm for our country and in some circles are actually belittled. Not too long ago I became aware of some social media bullying and gossip by my own family members which I addressed.  As a result I am no longer welcomed to walk across the park to their little sandbox. Of all of the comments which were made the one I remember the most came from a 24 year old niece who has lived the “American Dream.” This young woman believes that because she drives a better car and has never struggled for a material item in her life she has the wisdom to declare my beliefs to be those of “space cadets.” While I can smile at her ignorance I am also aware that she is part of the smaller percentage who continues to be the voice of America.  The question we all need to answer is whether or not we will allow her viewpoints to be the overriding viewpoint?

While we are almost at the end of the Mars in Scorpio situation the truth of Saturn in Scorpio will continue to challenge us.  It would be a positive thing for all of us to take some form of action to move society forward even if it’s simply removing ourselves from a perch on the fence.