Today, June 30th, Mars resumed forward motion which is positive as his retrograde motion often brings higher levels of anger and aggression to our planet.  Mars will move out of Libra and into his home sign of Scorpio on July 12th and will enter Sagittarius on September 18th. We should all plan on treating ourselves to something nice on or after September 18th but anyone with strong Scorpio certainly deserves some sort of reward.

The planets are actually in better positions than even two weeks ago as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are finally out of the grasp of both Saturn and Mars.  However, the world does not seem to be reflecting any improvement and many people are feeling anxious and frightened.  In addition to the ongoing changes on a global level we are also dealing with the fact that the Sun, Mercury, Venus (Gemini) and Mars (Libra) are in air signs.  The air signs tend, by their nature, to be quick in energy and prone to imbalances in the nervous system.  Having the two fiery planets (Mars and the Sun) in air signs can often act like wind to fire and this can result in higher levels of anxiety as well as anger. It is not surprising that so many people are not having an easy time in life right now.

Often we try to adjust our thoughts and/or push ourselves into trying to solve our external lives without first taking care of the physical well-being that is necessary for any type of balance and harmony to occur.  Unfortunately, many of us are inclined to blame ourselves at failing to either control our thoughts or fix our lives when in actuality our own bodies are not working with our intentions.

For most of us paying attention to our nervous system is the easiest and most basic step that we can take in order to feel better and move forward with our goals.  It is not necessary to commit to yoga classes (though that is always a good idea J ) or even to be able to sit for deep meditation in order to see improvement in our nervous systems.  Even small actions can have a positive impact at this time.  Herbs, vitamins and grounding foods can be an easy way to shore up the nervous system especially if combined with harmonious actions.  Harmonious actions can be a walk in nature or relaxing in a bathtub or reading a good book for a break from the world.  An easy and healthy technique is to simply find a quiet space in your home and to put on some favorite music and simply lie down on the floor or even the bed and just close the eyes along with deep, slow and conscious breathing.  These simple actions can bring quick relief and if done on a regular basis will help to strengthen the nervous system while allowing access to the quiet center within us all.

This is a long weekend and I hope that everyone finds some time of harmony and the freedom of leaving the worries of the world in the world.  The wild ride is not over but it does not have to consume us each and every waking moment.