During the late 1980s I began to hear people speak about the energy changes and chaos that were coming our way.  While there were a variety of opinions about the nature of these changes ranging from the end times to space ships descending, there was a fairly constant opinion that the changes would last until around 2020.  It is impossible for anyone to pinpoint an exact date but, in the sidereal system of calculation, Saturn will enter Capricorn around 2020 and begin a seven and half year cycle of Saturn being in signs of strength.  This leads me to believe that we will see some stabilization during the time span beginning in 2020.  I do not believe in the end times, but I do think that we are at a peak time of these changes and that more time is behind us than in front of us.

As we witness the chaos and world-wide suffering, we can also see the consciousness and awareness of people around the globe rising to new and higher levels of understanding human nature and the world we occupy.  Hidden underneath all the noise and fear is a change to the energy and the consciousness of millions of people for whom it is no longer appropriate to accept old truths and old ways of power.

One way that we can see this shift in energy is by simply observing the “resistance” to this new administration’s heartless and crazed policies.  The push-back is different from the days when we protested Civil Rights and the Vietnam War.  Those days of protests were angry and often filled with violence.  Today’s protests are more organized, focused, and determined along with participation of diversified groups ready to stand together with the patience and fortitude required.  This shows a maturity in approach.  There is also a trend toward the tactical use of humor, acknowledging that laughter has long been known to be a function of wisdom.  It’s chaotic and frightening out there but, as has been predicted for years in the circle of mystics, these times are those of awakening.  Just as we often do not like the alarm clock going off in the morning, once we are awake we don’t find it to be horrible.  With the increase in understanding, many more people now realize that no matter what is going on in our lives, we have the tools and the ability to be at peace within ourselves. It is for this purpose that I like to use the energy of each New Moon to help us stay in harmony with the universal order.

Last month’s New Moon was significant because it accompanied two major planetary shifts along with the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  This month’s New Moon is equally significant because it is accompanied by a partial solar eclipse.  The energy of this eclipse can be very intense and, due to the nature of solar eclipses, one can experience darker emotions experienced along with imaginative thoughts.

The New Moon — as well as the eclipse — will be taking place in the early morning (middle of the night) on the 26th of February, but the energy will be strong all day Saturday as well.  It terms of the New Moon presenting the birth day of the next lunar month, this cycle will be emphasizing the signs of Aquarius along with its opposite sign of Leo. (Sidereal timing – this will “not” match what you will read about in magazines and on various websites.)  The energy will be basically one of the forward-looking and universally-minded Aquarius versus the egocentric and fiery energy of Leo.  Human beings are being pushed towards the understanding that while we may have personalities and abilities that make us unique, we are not individually special and entitled to anything because we are special.

Because Venus and Mars are in Pisces and therefore represent the next sign to Aquarius, there is an indication that the energy of the Aquarius impulse will be poured into the nature of Pisces.  Pisces is a water sign filled with creativity, empathy and idealism – the very best of the nature of a human being.  The freedom and awareness of the revolution Aquarius brings can be projected through the creative spirituality of Pisces.  This would be the contemplative goal of this New Moon cycle.

Pisces is also a prayerful energy which brings me to the other important significance of February’s New Moon Cycle.  Every year on the day before the New Moon in February there is an ancient practice of working with the energy of Shiva.  It is called Maha Shivaratri and, across the world,  Hindus will be fasting, doing pujas, and chanting to Shiva with reverence seeking divinity within and asking for divine assistance for the world.

One of the aspects of these changing times is the movement away from religions and into spirituality.  For many this shift has become a time of no belief in a higher force, and for others recognition that no one belief system owns one’s spirituality.  While understanding the difference between religion and spirituality is necessary, it can also add to feelings of hopelessness due to the apparent loss of the personal “super-hero God” along with the exposed corruption of many of the institutions societies rely upon for stability.

Common sense and thoughtful observation lets us know that there is something else in the universe which holds the world in place. Personally, I am content with not being able to intellectually prove divinity but to know that it exists simply because of the human ability to love beyond the demands of our egos along with the ability to find inner peace no matter what is going on in life.  Part of the changes in awareness is the knowledge that we are all connected at our core. This connection means that when human beings come together for a higher purpose or understanding, everyone benefits individually and collectively.  During times like this it is a good idea to participate in collective prayer, meditation or intention.

This New Moon presents us with the opportunity to be a part of something that has been going for centuries via a sacred and ancient Hindu holy day of spiritual practice.  There will be millions of people praying, chanting, and projecting together toward divinity and reinforcing the truthful knowing of our inner hearts and spirits. It is an opportunity to know we can move through life connected in a higher spirit to affect these times which are filled with change, ineptitude, and fear.

I am a Vedic Astrologer and a Yogini, so I will naturally be using the mantra of Shiva during this New Moon (Om Nama Shivaya).  However, no one system owns spiritual truth, and everyone can use the energy of Maha Shivaratri in the way that suits them best.  What is important is that some time is taken out on either the 24th or the 25th to engage in a spiritual expression during this sacred New Moon and to project that toward the world since your efforts will add to the efforts of millions and will benefit the world as well as your own personal life and self.

We can participate in the world, but the happenings in the world can depend on so many other factors; if we wait for the world to change in order to find peace within ourselves, we pass up the opportunity to find that peace which is not actually dependent on any external.  We have all observed people who have lived lives of great suffering to be filled with compassion, humor, and peace just as we’ve observed people who have every material advantage be filled with anger, greed, and a total lack of peace.  It is our inner self which mandates our level of happiness; our connection to that inner self is truly the only control that we have in this life.

Hopefully, we will all find some time to rest during the weekend of the 24th and experience some well-deserved downtime as we move towards the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.  If there is some movie watching on the agenda, there is a wonderful movie called The Hurricane which stars the incomparable Denzel Washington in a biographical role as Rubin Carter, a boxer serving life in prison for a crime he did not commit.  The life of Mr. Carter is a contemporary story of someone who was able to find peace and harmony in the worst of circumstances – it is a perfect story for this New Moon!