We are in the midst of this summer’s challenging eclipse patterns, and it can seem as if we are engulfed in high levels of chaos these days.  We have discussed the role of Mars and the various tools which can help us navigate the next month, and that advice still stands.

One of the reasons this eclipse season is so challenging is that it involves the sign of CANCER which is ruled by the Moon.  Cancer rules mother/family, and we have all witnessed the awful spectacle of our country tearing children away from their parents at the border. Cancer also rules patriotism for one’s “Mother Country,” and we’ve all seen our own President choose to defend another country over our own. I offer these examples not as a political statement but as examples of how the rhythm of the planets will affect events according to the qualities of the planets  themselves as well as the signs occupied.  On a more personal level, many families are experiencing higher levels of stress and discord this summer.

The Moon also rules the mind, including the subconscious and emotional levels of the mind.  One can look at outer events and conclude that life is so awful that it stands to reason that people are depressed, angry, and even irrational.  However, we also can observe those people who are not mentally being torn to pieces over outer events, as they seem to keep their equanimity regardless of the swirling events.  Part of the game of life includes mastery of one’s own mind; from that mastery comes the ability to be successful but, more importantly, to be peaceful in the knowledge of true self-awareness.  The eclipse energy  focuses on the subconscious and emotions; as a result, eclipses offer all of us the opportunity to rid ourselves of the subconscious baggage of emotional hurt and/or the false perceptions of our human identity.

The energetics of the planets lie within our auras and chakras and can be considered as the energetic causation of our manifested physical bodies.  These energetics are slowly being discovered by modern science and are the same energetics used by healers in systems like Reiki and Sat Nam Rasayan.  We can use the rhythm of the planets to work on our own healing and to further our day-to-day harmony.

A good friend of mine (shout out of thanks to AtmaAmita!!!!) found a group of writings that I’ve done for workshops and newsletters.  I am sharing something from this collection that I had written as a handout to an Astrology and Yoga class that I offered many moons ago.  It is a system which tracks the Moon’s effect on our energetic bodies throughout a lunar month.  The last of this eclipse cycle will take place on August 11th which is the first day of the waxing lunar cycle – the waxing cycle which marks the end of 2018’s eclipses.

None of us get to control every moment of every day, especially during these fast-paced times.  The information that follows is a guideline and can be utilized to schedule the personal activities which do fall under our own control. I had a sales person at one of these workshops who was able to rearrange his customer service sales calls according to this cycle. He saw his sales rates go up because he utilized the waning cycle for planning and bookkeeping while scheduling his sales calls during the waxing cycle leading up to the Full Moon.  While we can’t control others or traffic, we can make changes to our personal lives so that, for instance, we do not plan waning cycle days in a way that requires high levels of physical energy.


The Moon is increasing in light, and our energy levels begin to increase during this time period.

Day 1 (Amavasya).  The day of the New Moon is a transitional day with low energy.  It is recommended that you conserve your energy on this day.  It is a good time for spirituality and meditation, light food choices, and pranayama.  There can be feelings of emptiness or despondency.

Days 2,3,4,5. These are good days to begin new ventures, start new personal goals, and begin to initiate changes.

Days 6,7,9,10.  A cycle for continuing and sustaining action and plans.

Day 8. This day is considered as transitional and is better suited for spirituality and meditation; our external activities can run into delays and obstruction.

Days 11,12,13,14,15. These days are particularly suited for the development of knowledge and creativity. They are good days to present to others what has been worked on and developed in the preceding days of the waxing cycle.


Day 16.  This is known as Purnima, the day of the full moon, and is the third transitional day. During the Full Moon, the mental power is believed to be high and it is a good day for healing and meditation – especially meditations and yoga practices that enhance bliss.  If one is prone to emotional excess, the day of the Full Moon can lead one toward excessive emotions or even self-indulgence.

Days 17,18,19,20.  Good days for completion and internalization of all that took place during the preceding waxing lunar cycle. At this point, the energy is beginning its downward movement.

Days 21,22,23,24,25. Completion of projects and activities that have been started under the earlier cycles of the lunar month. It is time to start paying attention to your energy levels and emotional balances as the Moon’s energy begins to darken in light.

Days 26,27,28,29. The final four days of the Moon’s phases. Mental and physical energy is at its lowest energetic level.  If possible, try to work with completion of projects and internalization of awareness, and try to put off initiation of new projects until the Moon begins its next waxing cycle.

I hope that this information can be useful as we move past the eclipses and into the upcoming crispness of autumn.  Remember Mercury will retrograde until 8/18 but will quickly move forward into his favorite signs of Virgo and Libra.  In October, Jupiter will move into the sign of Scorpio which will be helpful to all of us.

Successful ocean swimming requires swimming parallel to the shore and when tired floating with the ocean’s currents – life can often require the same.