The Moon is considered the most important planet in Vedic Astrology. He is the primary indicator of the mind, the emotions, some of our karma, the ability to give/receive love and our innate emotional stability. Earth is 70% water and without the gravitational pull of the Moon the planet would be completely covered in water. In a natal chart the Moon can be equally important – I’ve seen charts with strong Moons assist people to succeed despite horrific challenges and charts with weak or malefic Moons render even the luckiest of people almost incapable of mental peace or balance.
Whenever planets cluster in a sign the Moon’s placement will be important because he will highlight the cluster. Currently we have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn as well as Pluto all conjunct in Capricorn. These are the slowest moving planets which tend to bring world-wide and long term events into our lives. Many of us are being positive about this self-quarantine and doing our best to move through each day without feeling sorry for ourselves or becoming inert.
Today the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. This is one of his best signs as he is the ruler of Cancer. The Moon in Cancer will generally turn one’s attention to matters of family, love, food and laughter. During this lunar cycle the Moon is activating the cluster in Capricorn. For some the calmness of being house-bound may disappear as the mind begins to focus on the many downsides of this crisis. Cancer is always concerned with security and without determination to be in charge of our own thoughts and emotions some can experience anxiety or anger or agitated restlessness.
It doesn’t have to be this way if we keep in mind that by Saturday the Moon will have moved onto to Leo and some of the disturbing thoughts will move to the background. However, if we choose to go negative in our words and actions the effects can last far longer. It is a good time to observe our own thoughts – what triggers the fear, what actions of our loved ones bring up anger, why are we so restless that we can not find any inner peace?
1-3 pm, eastern time on the 2nd and 3rd along with 2-4 am, eastern time will be the times when we can feel the energies the strongest. Remember to breathe consciously (alternative nostril breath is good), stay busy, enjoy healthy food and perhaps turn off the news and find a funny movie during this short time period. The strongest energy will be today – tomorrow should be lighter.