Thursday, February 11th at 2:17 p.m. eastern time, will be the exact New Moon for the month of February. Many of us are feeling the intensity of this profound New Moon. This New Moon is also the Chinese New Year which marks their lunar beginning of 2021.  That we are experiencing such an unusual New Moon is perfectly appropriate given the nature of 2020 and the challenges which we face in 2021.

Every month we have a New Moon which is indicated by a conjunction of the Sun and Moon according, of course, to the sign occupied by the Sun.  The New Moon cycle gives us all an opportunity to choose between working with the cyclic lunar energy or fighting against the energy.  If we work in harmony with the planetary cycle we flow with the low energy of the New Moon and use the time for rest and contemplation.  Those who prefer to always be in the “ego-illusion” of being in charge can choose high activity and can then be disappointed or even angry at cancelled appointments or the customer service representative who can barely suppress a yawn.  Choice of reaction is always within our own personal power. The New Moon is the day of the birth of a new lunar cycle and, similar to a nesting mother to be, we can plan and prepare for the next lunar cycle.

This New Moon unique and intense because every “visible” planet, except for Mars, is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of this month’s New Moon. Mars is strongly placed in the sign of Aries and by being outside of the unusual conjunction taking place is powerful in his singularity.  Additionally, the New Moon itself is in the Nakshatra of Dhanistha, which is ruled by Mars. 

Capricorn is an earth sign and connected to traditional business and entitled, old wealth.  As the natural ruler of the 10th house Capricorn is concerned with power and ambition.  I am a fan of synchronicity and it seems appropriate that the 2nd impeachment trial should start under this cycle as we are all about to witness the power struggle between democracy and plutocracy. 

We have no control over the drama in D.C. but we always have control over our own reactions, intentions and personal goals.  This is a good time to go within and look at what makes us feel powerful as we walk this journey of life.   Does our security come from the size of our bank accounts, the current nature of our personal relationships or does it come knowing our own true self? 

Given what has happened since the last February New Moon in 2020 one would hope that we’ve allowed ourselves to grow and begin to understand that the old American dream was an illusion for far too many people and is not the only dream we can have.  Capricorn is generally concerned with status and hanging onto that status at all costs.  That attitude of entitlement was shattered during the pandemic for many people who, for the first time in their lives, experienced food insecurity and worry about meeting their financial obligations.  Certainly, the events of January 6th should have shattered the belief that living in a democracy only requires occasional voting. The apathy of those who “have theirs” and refuse to see those who have very little bear a share of responsibility for putting our democracy in danger.   

Capricorn is a task master energy and those who refuse to take a break from their pressing material needs will not make easy progress while also losing the opportunity for some quality self-reflection. The next couple of days will give all of us moments of contemplation as we begin to see the end of winter approaching and we plan for the upcoming Spring. It’s okay to choose to not make a frustrating phone call and choosing instead some quiet time. 

In addition to the action nature of Mars involved with this particular New Moon is the fact that both the Moon and Sun are in the final degrees of Capricorn.  In the teachings of Astrology, they are considered to be old planets.  It is no accident that we have inaugurated the oldest President ever to serve in our White House. The status quo is a main feature of Capricorn but the fact that both the Moon and the Sun will move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius indicates that the old will be forced to move over for the new.

We can already see this necessary change in the way the federal government is now working to get more vaccinations to states like New York which Trump shorted. New York, like other states, are working to get the vaccination to their teachers, transportation providers and other essential workers as quickly as possible even if that means younger boomers have to wait a bit longer. The attitude of taking care of the lesser of us speaks to the energy of Aquarius. 

As we move from the focus on the belief that money and earthly power are the only way to be safe on this planet and always deserving of preferential treatment, we are being pushed into the energy of Aquarius which is much more innovative and humanitarian in attitude.  Aquarius is not as quiet as Capricorn even though (in Vedic Astrology) the sign is also ruled by Saturn.  Aquarius is a sign of science and the Saturn energy assists in taking a scientific idea from the stage of inspiration into workable plans and innovations.  Aquarius moves more quickly than Capricorn and I suspect that those people and areas not adhering to the common sense of medical science will see their infection numbers will climb quickly. Hopefully, when Florida once again hosts Spring Break, there are enough vaccinations given that last year’s super spreader will be less than that of 2020.    

Aquarius is always concerned with humanity in general. The economic policies required to offset the economic damage of 2020 will take into consideration the people rather than corporations and the stock market.  There will be complaints from people who experience a temporary downward turn in their 401k’s but anyone with, even an ounce of common sense, will realize that even a healthy 401k won’t do much good if repairs are not made to the economy of the average American.  Hopefully, the compassionate among us will champion help for the “others.” 

For some the changes of this New Moon can be unsettling but innovation is often perceived as unsettling. However, change is one of the absolute universal laws.  There is no growth without change.  There is no true inner peace without the realization that none of us is really any more important than the next person.  Losing that sense of self-importance can be unnerving but is an important part of becoming a better human being. 

It feels appropriate for all of us to take a deep breath and set our intentions as we near the end of the winter and welcome longer daylight hours. As the sun finally sets on the destructive craziness of the prior administration and we can see a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel it is a good time to assess what we’ve learned and how we want to see the future for ourselves as well as our fellow human beings.

Mars is a player in this cycle so it can be positive for us to include a plan of action as we move forward. For some it might be important to face our fear of change or a limiting belief of an inability to make our lives secure.  The symbol for this New Moon is a drum which indicates that listening to music in the next couple of days can work well especially music that is strong on percussion while encouraging movement or singing along.  For the oldsters,  rather than being “ok boomer” folks,  perhaps time spent with Janis or Jimi might shake the cobwebs of fear of the new out of the emotional mind.  For others,  perhaps just experiencing the joy of music,  might be exactly what is needed to welcome the newness of a different world.

If you like to chant this is a perfect time to chant “Om Ram” as that will strengthen the core/third chakra and bring up enthusiasm for the new.  For those who allow fear or disappointment to close down the heart taking some time to chant “Om Hum (hoom)” will open up the fourth chakra known as the heart center.  If your weather calls you outside walking is a good way to approach this cycle as will cooking and watching funny movies or reruns if you are housebound.

Regardless of how you choose to work with this energy know that change is coming and try to have an attitude of being open to change.  The point of where we are going is not to rob anyone of their security but to try and give that same financial security to the millions and millions of people who are food insecure and even living in their cars.  Change has to happen.