3/6/2022 Mercury entered the sign of Aquarius which is a very friendly placement for Mercury.  Even better is the fact that Mercury is no longer being affected by the heavy influence of Saturn. Instead, he is now in the company of Jupiter and Sun.  With a bit of effort, we can feel optimism returning and/or a lightening up of our own thoughts and attitude.

3/6 to 3/15 Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun.  The exact conjunction takes place on the 6th and 7th, but they will remain close enough to be considered conjunct until the Sun moves into Pisces on the 15th of March.  This energy is wonderful for courage and optimism, but it is important to keep in mind that the Sun also represents the ego.  Jupiter’s nature is to expand whatever planet or house he influences and unless one suffers from an extreme lack of confidence it is usually not positive to expand the ego. Those born with the Sun in Aquarius would do well to remember that the energy of Aquarius is about the humanitarian ideals of compassion and unity, or they will be disappointed when Jupiter leaves Aquarius because they will have missed the opportunity of being fully present with the universe.

3/6-3/31 – Mars and Venus continue to be closely aligned with one another until the 31st of March when Venus moves into the sign of Aquarius and breaks free of Mars.  Mars will follow Venus into the sign of Aquarius on 4/8, but they will not be close enough to restart a long conjunction.  It is interesting to note that, despite the horrors in Ukraine, Mars the planetary war general has not gotten away with a total knock out in Ukraine.  Saturn has helped Ukraine remain strong and Venus has helped the free world stand up in compassionate solidarity.  Saturn is the planet of democratic people and is the only planet which can control Mars.  Saturn is so far holding strong for all of us. 

The Nodal Points are currently simply unstable because they are very weak.  This has resulted in much of the world feeling shaky and confused. The nodal points are the points on the ecliptic path which cause the eclipses.  Jyotish places great emphasis on the nodal points and one of the reasons for this importance is the connection to karma and the nodes.  There are different types of karma and some of those karmas relate to the world in general

On a global level is the fact that Putin’s Moon has been afflicted by Rahu for approximately 18 months.  As we know the Moon is the planet of the mind and emotions while Rahu is the point of destabilization. The reports of Putin’s mental instability are most likely not examples of “misinformation.” 

It is interesting to note that Putin, Trump, and Biden have all been personally affected by the 18 months of the eclipse axis being in Taurus and Scorpio.  Biden has had transit Rahu on his natal Saturn and his natal Sun/Ascendant has had the influence of transit Ketu. Ketu is a dissociative influence. It is not surprising that President Biden’s polling numbers are so low and that his presidency seems to be sacrificial in nature.  However, his Saturn is in his 7th house (international relations) and Rahu, the symbol of change, is conjunct his natal Saturn.  I believe that only Saturn can stand up to Rahu and while not easy or fun Saturn has the steadiness needed to avert the worst of Rahu’s delusions.  I don’t know if Joe Biden will ever get credit for his steadiness, experience, and general humanitarian nature while he lives but I do believe that he will be judged well in history.   


Moon Dates

The Moon is the planet of the mind, emotion and, importantly, the public.  Because of its importance listed below are the dates which may require an extra dose of patience or positivity in our minds.

3/8, 9, 10 Moon is with Rahu

3/13, 14, 15 Moon opposed the Mars/Saturn conjunction

3/16, 17 Moon opposed Mars, Jupiter, Mercury.  *These two days can be positive days provided one is focused and energetic but not impatient.

3/18 Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo.