People who have been working with me or reading my blogs know that I often speak of the nodal points known as “Rahu and Ketu.” The nodal points are the constellation location of the eclipses which happen each year. They change signs approximately every eighteen months and when the eclipses hit prominent points in a natal chart, they can often cause turmoil and change in one’s life.

It can be challenging to understand how distant planets can affect a person’s body, mind, and life but the planets do have an influence on everyone’s life. The influence of Rahu is often the hardest to understand because his influence is always one of disruption and unexpected change. Rahu’s influence is not always negative as he does have an ability to give positive mundane results. For instance, I’ve noticed that a significant number of Oscar winners will have a prominent Rahu being activated at the time of the award. I’ve also observed that many politicians have strong Rahu in their charts. Rahu can be a profound energy which can influence amazing scientists, artists, and mystics as well as thieves, con artists, and drug entrepreneurs. Rahu is often present in the natal charts of people who are challenged by mental illness and can even bring about delusions or other forms of mental illnesses during times of important transits.

The Moon is the significator of the emotions, mind, and the general public. Many astrologers believe it is the most important planet in a chart. The Moon in Taurus is a good and solid placement for the mind but even a strong Moon can become deranged by the influence of Rahu, in transit, sitting on one’s Moon.

As an example of this is perfectly illustrated by the following quote from Keith Gessen of THE GUARDIAN: “Even if an invasion did happen – a big if – it would be over quickly, we all agreed. It would be like Crimea: a precision operation, the use of overwhelming technological superiority. Putin had always been so cautious – the sort of person who never started a fight he wasn’t sure to win. It would be terrible, but relatively painless. That was wrong. We were all wrong. “

Putin has his Moon in Taurus and for all his time as the dictator of Russia he has been cautious and deliberate in his actions. However, he has had Rahu on his Moon for eighteen months and the influence of Rahu has been to destabilize his mind which resulted in him starting an ugly and, apparently, poorly crafted war. Rahu always brings surprises and Putin was not the only player to surprise the world – the bigger surprise has been the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people.

An astrological chart has many layers and, while timing is important, it is equally important to understand that no matter how far away from our bodies the planets are their influence is felt on many levels of life.

The next two weeks are going to be filled with the planets reflecting the change of Spring.

3/31 Venus moves to Aquarius which is a very positive placement for Venus the planet of love as well as scholarship and consciousness. He is finally out of the grip of both Mars and Saturn which is a positive.

4/7 Mars moves into Aquarius which is a neutral sign for Mars. He will be out of the grasp of Saturn, and we should anticipate something different coming from Putin and Ukraine. Yes, he will once again, be with Venus but the conjunctions are done with as he will not catch up to the exact degrees of Venus.

4/8 Mercury moves to Aries. Mercury has a strong influence on our objective and intellectual minds. He has been debilitated in Pisces and many of us will feel as if we are shaking the cobwebs out of our minds as Mercury leaves the dreamy influence of Pisces.

4/12 Rahu moves into Aries and his partner Ketu moves into Libra. This change marks the end of the eclipses taking place in the stubborn axis of Taurus and Scorpio and despite the turmoil surrounding us many will feel a lighter more fast-moving energy. It will be prudent to watch out for impulsive decisions especially those based on anger.

4/12 Yes, on the same day as the nodes change signs, we also have Jupiter moving into Pisces which is a good thing. Jupiter is considered the ruler of Pisces and he is the most benefic planetary influence. Take some time to enjoy music, sunshine, good food and allowing yourself to cast off the feelings of despair. Pisces is the most creative and spiritual sign and with a bit of effort we can all reach a place within ourselves that is at peace in this crazy world.

Moon’s Positions of Note:

3/27-3/29 Moon conjunct Saturn, Venus, Mars. Saturn will win in terms of mood. No reason to make decisions while feeling negative. It’s good for detail type of work, sunshine and some sort of exercise and meditation.

3/30-3/31 (pre-dawn) Moon will be with Jupiter in Aquarius and the energy will feel more positive.

3/31-4/1 New Moon in Pisces. The New Moon always involves a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon. This New Moon contains Mercury in Pisces. If possible, plan for a low-key day and try to enjoy music, read, or watch good movies. It might be a sleepy day and a nap can be a healthy choice.

4/4-4/5 Moon conjunct Rahu in Aries.

4/11 Moon conjunct Saturn

4/13-4/14 Moon in Leo opposed Venus and Mars

4/14 Moon moves to Virgo and interacts with Jupiter in Pisces.