For those, like myself, who love autumn it is nice to be right on the cusp of the season.  For all of us let’s exhale and know we have survived a challenging summer.

Mars is finally by himself in the sign of Taurus.  Mars almost always indicates, what is known in Ayurveda as high pitta, which basically means that the fire element is running high.  Taurus is an earth sign and will tend to calm down the Mars pitta.  Additionally, while Taurus can be known for laziness, it is also a sign that respects hard work as Mars likes accomplishment he is fairly content in Taurus.

Every 18 months Mars will go into apparent retrograde motion, and we are approaching the retrograde of Mars soon.  Mars will remain in the sign of Taurus until 10/15 at which time he will enter the airy Gemini but will move into retrograde motion on 10/27 and will be back in Taurus on the 13th of November and he will stay in Taurus until March 14th.  Mars being in Taurus for such a long time can be positive due to the lessening of the Mars fire but also can help us achieve goals both individually and on a sociality level.  Of course, this is planet earth and there are always challenges but the planetary dance is more upbeat than it has been for quite a while.

As I write this Mercury is home in Gemini and receiving a positive aspect from Jupiter in Pisces.  It is time to shake off the past and allow for dreams with hope again.  Mercury will be retrograde from 9/9 to 10/2.  Yes, Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation and can cause glitches, traffic jams and miscommunication but the retrograde motion also gives us a chance to relax and, in some instances, correct course.  Mercury, by moving retrograde, will stay in relationship with Jupiter in his home of Pisces for an unusually long time. The retrograde can be used to help with the planning and execution of our dreams while also increasing our confidence.   Since both Jupiter and Mercury are at home it is also an opportunity to advance our own spiritual growth and being.

I think in the 21st century it is becoming apparent that overseeing our thoughts and emotions can be the most important pathway to success and harmony within our lives.  The planets can often trigger us and others into a reactive state of mind.  The following dates are noteworthy:

9/7,8 – Moon conjunct Saturn can be stabilizing and calm or despondent the choice is ours.

9/13, 14 -Moon conjunct Rahu these two together usually bring the unexpected we can still react in a sane manner.

9/15,16,17 – Moon conjunct Mars this is a highly active energy and not a time to provoke others.

9/24, 25 – New Moon in Virgo (always indicates the Moon and Sun conjunct) along with Mercury retrograde and Venus debilitated. Try to schedule some rest time with additional focus on the nervous system.