As I write this Venus in Virgo (debilitated status) is closely conjunct the Sun. They will be conjunct even as they move into Libra on 10/19. While in Libra the Sun will be debilitated and Venus will be very happy in his own sign of Libra. Throughout the month of October and most of November they will be close together until Venus begins to outpace the Sun after November 10th.

Most of us can already feel a bit fiery or impatient and even if we are mature enough to override the impatience we can count on others not being able to do so. Until 10/19 the planetary action is happening in the, sometimes, nit-picking sign of Virgo. The sign of Virgo can be transactional and factual but not always intuitive or heart centered. The Sun is, of course, fiery and represents the ego. Those with strong Virgo in their charts can miss the mark as they dig their heels into conclusions that are not necessarily the full truth of a situation.

Venus is much more than our love life. He is involved in weather events and his debilitation was relevant to the mess in Florida. Venus is also considered to be the teacher of the “asuras”. The traditional translation for “asura” is “demon” but, in the 21st century, I think “ego” is the appropriate definition. Venus is the keeper of the “shastras” (sacred books). The seers who gave us the teachings of Vedic astrology seemed to have had insight into the perils of putting sacred teachings into the wrong hands and history is littered with religions and cults which have distorted sacred knowledge to satisfy the ego and greed of the leaders of such organizations.

Virgo is the natural sign of health and during this time paying close attention to our health is indicated. It is a good time to make doctor appointments, dietary changes and find the time for rest despite the urge or need to be busy.

October 7th was Putin’s birthday, and his chart is very much hemmed in by the close conjunction of Venus and the Sun. His Saturn is also there, and on some level, he must feel like a cornered mad dog. If his people can keep him in check diplomacy might become an option after the 18th of October when the energy moves to Libra.

Libra is the sign of balance, diplomacy, politics, and partnerships. Venus is very strong in Libra and can tone down the fiery nature of the Sun. There are two eclipses coming up in the signs of Libra and Aries (10/25 and 11/7-8) which will bring high emotions along with surprising events. We are already seeing the tension of the conjunction of the Sun and Venus in Virgo. There is an eclipse coming our way and we can already see the erratic behavior of Rahu in fiery and impulsive Aries. There have been surprises in our personal lives, the street violence seems to be more senseless, and our election cycle appears to be a dangerous clown show. The next month will certainly not be boring.

Every time-period offers opportunities for growth and this time-period is no different. On the most basic level we can see how much fear is engendered due to the lies and drama of the media. We can use the energy to face our fears as well because Rahu being in Aries is pointing us towards courage. Being fearful of something doesn’t save us from bad things happening. But if we accept change we can find peace within ourselves. That is the gift of the freedom that Rahu in Aries offers. Taking care of the nervous system along with pulling back on negative and relentless thought patterns can go a long towards being calm and thoughtful on a day-to-day level.

If one is doing psychological work or involved in a spiritual practice this time-period can be very rich in breakthroughs in our understanding of self and others. Creativity is abundant right now and even just enjoying good music and movies can go a long way towards not being fearful and resentful during this time of swirling energies.

Venus, once in Libra, is the positive strength of this cycle. He is the ruler of the 4th chakra which is the balance point within our energetic body. It is also the chakra of love and the self. It responds very well to long, deep breathing along with the seed mantra of “yahm.” Chanting “Om Yahm Om” while focusing on the heart can balance us and remind us as to what is important in life.

Significant Dates:

10/9 Full Moon exact at 5:04 pm eastern time

10/11 Moon conjunct Rahu in Libra

10/14 Moon conjunct Mars

10/16 Mars to Gemini

10/15 New Moon/Full Solar Eclipse in Libra

This cycle is highly strung and emotional. Try to not make life changing decisions.