This year’s Summer Solstice takes place on 6/20/2024 at 4:50 p.m. The longest day of the year is the day of the Summer Solstice because it is the day when the Sun is visible for the most hours.

When people were more attuned to the planetary movements, the Summer Solstice was a day of celebration. Even in the heat of the summer fires burned throughout the festivities as a symbolic way of beseeching the Sun to stay. It was known that the very next day the Sun would continue its journey towards the darkness of the Winter Solstice and that gradually the Sun would set earlier each day.

It is easy for people to laugh at ancient rituals, but people were aware of our interconnection to all of life and they chose to celebrate the connections on specific days. The ancient seers, especially in India, knew that each planet connects energetically to our own energetic bodies. The Sun will affect our crown chakra (7th chakra) the energy center of connection to creation itself. The energy of the Solstice is strong, and it healthy to actively work with the Solstice energy. The sign hosting the solstice is Gemini which is a significator of the nervous system. The rituals and activities to celebrate the Sun but also to help release negative energies and strengthen the nervous system. During the days of the Solstice, it is best to not take the intense emotions of others seriously and to find ways to take care of the nervous system and emotional well-being.

For the past few weeks there has been a pile-up of planets in the sign of Taurus and this energy affected Taurus as well as its opposite sign of Scorpio. When there is a strong Taurus stellium the energy of Scorpio also gets activated. Taurus and Scorpio are both stubborn signs which do not flow very easily and can be resistant to change.

There is an order to the universe and the planets eventually shift into new patterns and challenges. We are now moving away from the steady, albeit stubborn energy of Taurus, into the faster moving Gemini energy. The movement into Gemini can feel like a gentle wind clearing the air but it is important to pay attention to the nervous system. 6/12 Venus moves to Gemini; 6/14 Mercury and the Sun move into Gemini. The Moon is in Virgo conjunct Ketu on the 14th as well which can add to an erratic or low energy feeling for the day. It is advisable to plan for something restful and healthy over the weekend simply to relieve tension or stress. Until Mars moves into Taurus on 7/12 Jupiter stands brightly alone in Taurus. Jupiter becoming a primary influence is something to celebrate as we move closer to the Solstice.