Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon!

This month’s New Moon also takes place during what meteorologists refer to as “Solar Spring,” which started on Feb. 5. This represents the time of the year when daylight increases at the fastest pace during the year.

The New Moon takes place in the sign of Capricorn a sign of focus, finances, and achievement. This year Mars and Mercury occupy Capricorn along with the Sun and Moon. as well. Mercury is well placed in the sign of Capricorn and his tendency towards numbers and objective thinking works nicely with the nature of Capricorn. Mars is considered exalted in the sign of Capricorn, and he will be occupying this favorable sign until March 8th. Venus, also well placed in Capricorn, will come to the gathering on February 11th. These placements are more positive than last February’s New Moon chart and indicate that for many people blockades to work and plans may lessen portending a good time to move forward with plans.

This chart will not remove the craziness of these times but, on a personal level, it will give opportunities to be in harmony with the planetary patterns and the self. It is important to be in harmony with the planets/universe because so much around us is shifting. When the mundane world feels so askew turning inward and having a purpose is the best route to contentment. We are all being called to be flexible, aware of the bigger picture and even to see the humor in the human follies. Those who persist in living through the ego and the determination that only external circumstances can bring peace can easily miss this moment this moment of positive energy.

The Moon changes signs approximately every two days and as the low energy of the New Moon subsides energy will increase. Following the New Moon the Moon will be in Aquarius with Saturn from February 10 – 12. A conjunction of the Moon and Saturn is generally a quiet time which is good for planning, contemplation, and restfulness.

The Moon will be in Pisces on 2/12 and 2/13. Rahu is also in the sign of Pisces which can indicate surprises and a shift from the low energy of the New Moon/Saturn of the past 5 days. He will be in Aries and conjunct Jupiter from 2/14-2/15. This can be an optimistic energy and due to the aspect by Mars the energy can be high and productive.

February 20,21,22 the Moon will be home in Cancer and will be aspected by Mars and Venus. These 2.5 days can be active as well as emotional. It is not a day to try and squeeze a square peg into a round hole. If we try and stay with the energy we can see accomplishment along with positive activity. This could be a busy news day and a good movie or book might be a good replacement for watching the on-going mash-up of our political malfeasance.

The Leo Full Moon will take place 2/24 on the Leo/Aquarius axis. Along with the Sun in Aquarius will be Mercury and Saturn. We should try and stay on track with our plans as there can be both insight and opportunity during these days. Saturn being present will keep the plans out of fantasy territory.

February 2/25-2/27 the Moon will be in Virgo along with Ketu. It is good for accounting, organization, and contemplation. The Moon will transit the sign of Ketu’s placement every month and represents a time of rest and contemplation. Ketu does not have to feel dark though the ego usually does not appreciate the quiet outer-worldly nature of Ketu. It can be good to give the ego a back seat occasionally. February 28th and 29th the Moon will be in Libra and aspecting Jupiter leaving the quiet nature of Ketu behind.

During the transit of Mars in Capricorn he will be aspecting Aries, Cancer, and Leo. Except for the Cancer energy Mars works well with the other signs. Mars is a planet of energy, fire, and projects. He doesn’t do well with self-pity and lethargy which can sometimes be the reaction of Cancer. Those with those tendencies are advised to push back against emotional negativity. As we end the month of February Mercury will be in Aquarius (2/18-3/6). Mercury is a planet of communication, discernment, and intelligence and he is happy in the sign of Aquarius.

The goal is for all of us to maintain our balance throughout these times of change, misinformation, and fear. This New Moon cycle is offering us some much-needed support if we choose to accept the energy.