This week marks the end of the Mars conjunct Mercury which has been affecting us, with a few breaks, since 10/31/2023. Mercury moves into Capricorn on 2/1. Mercury is well placed in Capricorn and indicates that common sense might be available again. Mars moves into Capricorn on 2/7 which is his sign of exaltation. Fortunately, Mars will not be near a conjunction with Mercury who will be happily moving along at a fast enough pace that Mars will not catch up with him anytime soon.

As I mentioned in the last blog, our friend Mars, aspects both the 7th and 8th sign placements from whatever sign he is occupying. This means that Mars, not only was in conjunction with Mercury, he was also in aspect with Mercury ruled Gemini from when he was placed in Scorpio and then Sagittarius. This has been a stressful time because Mercury and Gemini are light influences with a preference towards objective and positive thinking. Additionally, both Gemini and Mercury influence the nervous system. Having the fiery, stubborn, and impulsive Mars affecting Mercury and the sign of Gemini has been a burden for many of us.

Here in America the transits of Mars hit the natal Mars in America’s chart. On a national level we have had to experience America moving into its “go to position” of war. Hopefully, some of the actions of military war, will end sooner rather than later. The 7th house position of Mars in our natal chart is also an influence which adds to the combative positions taken by many of our fellow citizens. Having so many people angry has been a frustrating time for many of us. This frustration has run the gamut from rude customer service to large numbers of the population choosing to allow themselves to be led to believe that because it snowed there is no climate change or that January 6th was nothing more than a peaceful protest.

Mars needs positive action to function properly. In the sign of Capricorn, he is well placed, and Capricorn a sign of pragmatic building is pleased to have him visit. This is a time when some people will be more content at their jobs, others can find projects interesting again and others can see the positive steps taken to calm down their weary nervous systems beginning to work. Mars is necessary in life but, we all must choose to have positive actions replace needless panic and anger. It is a planet which likes to be busy but does not do well with a default position of blaming outside influences in place of positive action. Mars is a planet of empowerment and true power does not come from outside our selves. There can be energy and joy from the influence of Mars, but he will bite back when we blame, whine, or try false escape routes. (There is a reason why Mars is one of the indicators of addiction.)

As I write this the Moon is finishing up his Leo transit and is moving into the sign of Virgo at 3:15 p.m., eastern time (1/29). While in Leo the Moon was dealing with Saturn and many experienced 2 days of quiet or, in some cases, exhaustion and discouragement. The Moon in Virgo will be connecting with Ketu and the energy will also be quieter. It is a good time to assess where we’ve been emotionally, mentally, and physically in the past few months and where we want to be now and in the future. We can make plans and know that we will be getting some planetary assistance starting on the 1st of February.

Along with Mercury moving on the 1st the Moon is moving into the sign of Libra at 4:00 a.m. which will be a more positive energy because Jupiter will be aspecting the Moon. Jupiter and the Moon are good friends who, when interacting, can uplift us if we don’t choose to stand on the hill of anger and contempt.

Finally, unless you have time-traveled back 2,000 years to ancient Greece, Pluto is NOT now in Aquarius.