This week has the potential to be very challenging as it starts with the exact conjunction of Ketu to the Sun followed by Ketu conjuncting Mars and Mercury leading up the the eclipse of May 9th and 10th.  Saturn is also deep in the mix.  Saturn and Ketu having such an influence can cause feelings of negativity and hopelessness for many of us and for those who tend to favor negative mind this week can feel thoroughly without light.

The fact that Venus is in his own sign does give us something to hang onto during this week.  No, this planet will not overcome the heavy nature of this week nor will he be able to gift many of us with whatever we believe will make the bad feelings go away. 

But, as with all planets, Venus is connected energetically to each of us and by using some of the measures known to work with the Venus energy we can lighten or neutralize the negative energy.

Venus is the natural ruler of the Anahatta or Fourth Chakra.  This fourth chakra, also known as the heart center,  is located right in the center of our chest area and is considered the balancing chakra.  Consciously breathing with a focus on the the heart center will help balance and harmonize the emotions.  Some people like to imagine a flower or an emerald green light located in the fourth chakra which is also another way to strenghten the balancing nature of Venus and the fourth chakra.

For those not inclined to meditation or breath work there are other approaches to Venus.  The diamond is considered the primary gem for Venus but white sapphire, clear zircon, clear quartz and white coral are also good stones for Venus energy.  If you have any of those stones this is a good time to clean them and wear or carry them with a conscious intention to bring in the positive energies of Venus.

Venus also responds to fragrance, fine soaps and body creams as well as to music and flowers.  This is a good week to simply find the time for a bit of time for resting or bathing to nice music in a room with fragrance and uplifting music.  Finally, as the keeper of the Shastras,  reading something that is meaningful in truth and uplifting to the mind is another simple activity – just because the times feel bad doesn’t take away the love or the truth.