My Vedic Astrology teacher always told me that “every planet is good for something.” Even during the most challenging of planetary patterns I have found that what he said is true.

As we work our way through this week’s eclipse the energy and events can seem to be nothing but heavy and negative.  But eclipses do have a way of breaking up old energy patterns and bringing about needed change.  Eclipses are also known for revealing secrets in what can sometimes be sudden and very public.

Last evening in Cleveland, OH at around 6 pm three young women were rescued from a ten year kidnapping.  They were kept in a house in the same neighborhood for ten years – the secret was so well hidden that none of the neighbors suspected that there was anything wrong in the house. 

I only have the birth date for one of the victims and do not have her birth time.  But her birthchart is of note in this situation.  She was kidnapped with an exact conjuntion of the transit Sun and her natal Rahu (north node of the Moon and one of the two eclipse points).  Given that Rahu was involved in the original crime it is not surprising that it was during the energy of the current eclipses that she and the other women were rescued.  Saturn is known for bringing karmic justice and truth to any situation and at the moment transit Saturn is close to transit Rahu and the impact of the current eclipse energy threw open the doors of this long held secret.  Additionally, on the night of her kidnapping Jupiter was exalted in the sign of Cancer which was in the 12th house from her Moon – the 12th house would be an indicator of capitivity. Jupiter being exalted there was a planetary protection working to keep her alive.  Right now transit Saturn is aspecting her natal Jupiter – it was time for freedom according to the dictates of the slow-moving Saturn energy.

Once again I am reminded that every planet is good for something even the malefic Rahu and Saturn.  The planets always set the table.