Tonight, May 30th, at 9:27 pm Jupiter will leave Taurus and start his year long stay in the sign of Gemini where he will join up with Venus and Mercury. 

In Vedic Astrology having these three benefic planets together is a form of a “Saraswati Yoga.” This yoga (union) favors communication, learning and creativity – especially music and writing.  It is also considered to be a configuration of good fortune in many areas of life.

We all do need a break from the fierce nature of the eclipses which involved not only the eclipse points but Mars and Saturn as well.  It is possible for us to see a lessening in anger and aggression though given the fact that Mars is still primary ruler of the chart of America and the times in which we are living are times of change and challenge it is not that we are going to see our problems melt away in the summer sun. 

Planets, like everything else on the physical plane, have stages of growth and age. At this moment all three of these planets are new in the sign of Gemini and like a newborn the strength of these new placements is not yet mature but as these planets move along they will continue to gain strength.  Just as we can enjoy a baby even before she can speak we can enjoy the lessening of the fiery nature of the past few months and begin to allow our creative activities to have a place in our daily lives – it doesn’t matter what that activity is but  know that during the month of June it is appropriate to find time for beauty, creativity and better communication with others.  Now is a moment to drop the worries and to give our minds a rest from worries and enjoy life.  It is what Mercury, Venus and Jupiter support.