The Moon is the fastest moving of all the planets and will stay in one sign for approximately two and half days.  The quick movement of the Moon can be challenging to those who are sensitive to energetic fluctuations and for people who have a higher level of an emotional approach to life. 

Every planet has specific areas over which it rules. The Moon is considered to be one of the influences over the general population, as well as the mind, emotions, nurturing, the stomach, health,  mothers/motherhood, bodily fluids and the ability or inability to master the emotional mind. 

In terms of the transits the effect of the Moon in each sign will depend upon one’s individual chart and he moves quickly so the effects can quick and sometimes certain positions will not even be very noticeable.  It is in terms of the Moon’s effect on the general population that the Moon is often felt most strongly.  Those who work in hospitals and law enforcement have long noted that when the Moon is full their jobs are often more challenging.  Because the New Moon is not observable not many take notice of the effects of the New Moon but astrologers know that the New Moon is often a time of heightened stress.

At the moment (6/5/13) the Moon is in Aries being opposed by Saturn and moving towards his exact conjunction with Ketu which occurs at 8:30 p.m. tonight.  Aries is a fiery and aggressive sign and often when the Moon is in Aries we can notice a general impatience or shortness of temper in our dealings with others.  Because of the influence of Ketu and Saturn people can be feeling discouraged and negative right now.

The Moon will enter Taurus on June 6th at 11:35 a.m., eastern time.  Taurus is one of the best placements for the Moon and will often bring about a more positive outlook.  This lunar cycle does happen to be the New Moon cycle and given the influence of Mars and the Sun on the Moon we may not experience an outburst of positive mind.

In Vedic Astrology the New Moon is considered the birth of the next lunar cycle as the Moon hits the darkest time of the month but it also begins its waxing phase as soon as it passes the exact conjunction with the Sun.  From an energetic perspective the New Moon is generally the lowest point of each month and often we will feel tired and lacking in enthusiasm. 

We always have a choice in how to approach these shifts in the planetary energies and the New Moon does have its purpose.  It is the time of each lunar month when, by working with the energy, we have the opportunity to rest, heal and spend some time in contemplation as we let go of the past month’s events and lay the groundwork for the next cycle. Given the amount of stressful energies and events I suspect most of us can use a break – the low energy of the New Moon cycle can be that mental and emotional break.

The New Moon is exact on 6/8 at 10:35 a.m., eastern time.  Fortunately, it is on Saturday and for many Saturday is not a day in which one is forced to deal with traffic, grouchy bosses or stressed out coworkers.  Saturday can give the opportunity for some quiet and relaxing time if one plans ahead.  It is a perfect time for yoga/meditation, if that is preferred, but time with a good book, relaxing music, a massage or a bit of time spent in nature will go a long way towards using the healing energy of the New Moon. 

The Moon moves into Gemini at 12:15 a.m. on 6/9 and will join in with the grouping of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini.  For many of us Sunday will feel much lighter and more positive. 

Please note:  The information given on this blog is a general overview which can be altered by the personal placements of one’s individual chart.