Last week Saturn was closely aspecting the Sun in emotional Cancer which may have led to low energy and high discouragement.  Today (8/1/13) they are still in aspect but five degrees apart and by 8/4/13 the aspect will be finished. 

The New Moon takes place on 8/6 at 5:10 p.m., eastern daylight time in the sign of Cancer which will work to keep the energy levels a low and emotional.

On 8/4/2013 at 12:05 p.m., eastern daylight time Mercury leaves its home sign of Gemini and moves into the emotional water sign of Cancer.  While Mercury was in Gemini there was a great amount of surprising news and higher levels of both stress and communication. 

Cancer is a quieter sign which relates to family, home and the stomach.  Once Mercury moves into Cancer along with the New Moon in Cancer the focus can shift to matters pertaining to the family and matters of security.  As we know Saturn is currently aspecting Cancer and with Mercury now joining in there could be higher levels of emotion being expressed within the family unit. Stress can be felt in the stomach rather than the nervous system and for some the high levels of stress being experienced in this current cycle could result in the need for emotional expression.   It is helpful if we can remember that whatever is being expressed is the result of the high levels of stress we are all experiencing. It can be healthy to release the emotions but it can also be wise to not take every word spoken to heart nor to react to every emotion.

In addition to the movements of the faster moving planets we are still being influenced very strongly by the Saturn/Rahu configuration in Libra.  I am finding that situations are changing at a rapid pace with the unexpected happening more frequently.  Saturn is one of the primary planets of karma and Rahu is an influence that tends towards change, new karma and surprises.  The events may not feel good but the changes will continue and many of us will find that the details of our lives do not look as they looked even 6 months ago.  I am finding that many of these changes are necessary and eventually will be shown to positive once the storm has passed. 

Sometimes, we have to find a way to be a good ocean swimmer and move with the waves rather than against the waves.  These times are hardest for those who like to be in control of their lives.  Right now we only have control over our reactions and our own state of mind.  We always have the choice to choose to stay positive and peaceful.

The third chakra or solar plexus will be challenged during this cycle.  Exercises which work on the “core” are one way to keep this area in balance. Laughter is also a function of the third chakra – going to or renting a comedic movie is an easy way to keep the third chakra satisfied.  Finally, paying attention to what we eat is important during Cancer time periods – good food shared with good people is a sure way to feel better.