We are deep into the “dog days of summer.”  The summer of 2013 is ending with the top dog Mars residing in Cancer, his sign of debilitation.  From this weak position Mars will be interacting with the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in the sign of Libra.

Mars, which is the current dasa ruler of America, went into Cancer on the evening of August 18th.   I am observing quick changes in relationships, career and legal matters since Mars changed signs. Cancer is the sign of debilitation for Mars and he is influencing  in some situations surprising and/or impulsive actions in personal relationships and family matters.  It is as if those who have been stressed out by all of the activity in Gemini are responding to the stress by making impulsive changes.  Change is unavoidable and can result in positive results.  When those changes are emotional reactions which impact family relationships (Cancer) and debilitated Mars is involved the decisions are often not the wisest.  

Because of the fact that Saturn and Mars are mutually aspecting one another we all must be careful of our decisions during this time period because the emotions behind the decisions can be based on fear and/or anger.  Saturn is an influence of patience, obstacles and responsibility while Mars is an influence of impatience, aggression and spontaneous actions.  The blending of these two planets can be challenging.  Cancer is a sign more orientated towards the personal while Libra is an influence of social orientation.  Saturn is also one of the rulers of banking, politics and career.  Most people are beyond frustrated by the failures of our political and economic institutions especially with regard to personal and family security matters.  Mars in the sign of Cancer can have an effect that will bring the fear and frustration to action in a negative manner. 

Since spring of 2012 Saturn and Rahu have been occupying Libra which is one of the reasons we have been living through a heightened time of change, uncertainty, drama and confusion.  Rahu is the king of drama and fights the slow, conservative and deliberate nature of Saturn.  At this point in time the conjunction is coming closer to exact and we will not finish out this time period without more surprises, disruptions and natural disasters.  This conjunction is not specific to America and we will also bear witness to this influence on an international stage.  Because, as I discussed in the last posting, Mars is a strong American influence it is my expectation that America will experience the events through Mars like events – violence, aggression, fires and the continuation of the animosity of political discourse and opposition.  It is always important to keep in mind that with Rahu in the mix much of what we read and hear is, at best, exaggerated.  We live in a time in which our institutions, both public and private, profit from pushing fear on the general population – we are always free to not give into the fear.

There is not much we can do about the state of the world at this time but we always have the choice to keep ourselves in peace and balance.  People who have natal charts with strong placements in the signs of Libra, Aries and Cancer can find this time period more challenging and should take steps to care for themselves.  Even without planets everyone has these three signs somewhere in their charts so most of us will feel this transit on some level.  Because of the influence in the signs of Cancer and Libra this time period can be most stressful with regard to family and personal relationship matters.  This is not the time to expect one’s crazy aunt to be less crazy or for our loved ones who tend towards anger or depression to be calmer and more positive.  In fact, there may be times when even our calm and patient loved ones may exhibit an “edge.”  Our reactions are simply the most control we are going to have at this time.  Every time we can beat a negative response we empower ourselves and every time we choose light over dark we empower ourselves and every time we choose compassion over anger we empower both ourselves and the world in which we live.  Growth, like birth, comes with effort and this time in history is definitely a time of growth and birth.

Mars enters Leo on October 5th and while still close to one another the “exact” conjunction of Saturn and Rahu will be finished and these two bodies will be moving away from one another.  Once we get past the 5th of October the energy will be improved and having Mars out of Cancer should take away some of the stress.  By August 28th the Saturn/Rahu conjunction will be really close and the following dates are dates when, due to other influences, can be a bit more stressful: 9/3, 9/6, 9/9-9/13, 9/15, 9/29, 9/30 and 10/2. 

During this time period it is wise to watch our diets as Mars is in the sign of Cancer and Saturn is aspecting this sign.  Stress is often felt through the stomach and it is always advised to not eat while feeling angry.  Mars likes activity and throughout this time period it is best to keep busy and get as much exercise as possible.  Mars rules the 3rd chakra and the stomach is an organ affected by the third chakra – exercises which focus on the “core” are recommended.  As ridiculous as it may seem during this time period humor is actually helpful because laughter is also a 3rd chakra matter.  Conscious breathing is recommended and a few minutes each day doing alternative nostril breathing can be very helpful. 

Planets respond well to mantra.  The mantra for Mars is OM KREEM KOOM KUJAYA NAMAH – 108 times a day is the recommended number of recitations.  Tuesday is the day of Mars and the chant should be started on a Tuesday.  There are many chants available on the net – google Mars mantra on YouTube and there should be a few nice versions of one of the Mars mantras available.

These are times of worldly change, illusion and unbalance.  These are also times of knowing the truth and empowering ourselves through knowing the truth of reality and choosing to work towards conscious peace no matter what the external world seems to choose.  Many are feeling weighed down and victimized by outer circumstances but others are also experiencing the freedom which comes from knowing that by being responsible for our own reactions and choices we can let go of carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.