The world around us is spinning with the continued violence, shocking weather events and seeming chaos of a planet currently influenced by the conjunction of Saturn, Rahu and now Venus. These world-wide events are out of our control and yet still effect each of us.  It can be difficult to not feel discouraged, disempowered and even frightened.

We may not have much power with regard to the events currently swirling around us but we do have the ability to keep misery at manageable levels.  The world has always presented challenges to a person’s inner peace but we all have the ability to keep our sanity and our peacefulness.

Vedic Astrology was traditionally a part of the full spectrum of Vedic teachings and is connected to both Yoga and Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is the ancient health Indian health system which has a focus on the balance of body, mind and spirit. 

One of the core teachings of Ayurveda is the dosha system which designates the primary qualities of fire, air and water-earth as essential energetics to physical and mental health.  The Sanskrit words for these qualities are: pitta/fire, vata/air and kapha/water-earth.  One’s physical qualities will reflect the primary dosha as will one’s astrological chart but we all have all three doshas.

In addition to the personal dosha qualities as reflected through our own personal bodies and minds there are dosha qualities in nature and even in the seasons.  Autumn is considered to be the season of Vata.  The qualities of Vata are known to be airy, dry, quick, and energetic – it is easy to see this dosha reflected in the dry and windy climate of the autumn season.   When Vata is too high the appetite for food can become erratic with a tendency towards quick meals laden with sugar and caffeine – empty calories.  Additionally, a too high level of Vata can bring nervousness, anxiety, forgetfulness, disorganization and hastiness to the mind and actions.

Astrologically, the primary planets for Vata are: Saturn, Rahu and Mercury.  Saturn and Rahu are often responsible for “Vata Derangement “in an astrological chart.  Libra is a sign that is considered to be both a water and air sign which indicates both Vata and Kapha.  Since Saturn and Rahu are both conjunct in the sign of Libra it is a time when Libra is going to lean towards Vata rather than Kapha. 

In even less challenging times Vata is high during the autumn months but given the nature of Saturn and Rahu we can be sure that Vata is trending high right now.  Sometimes, as we struggle to maintain our mental balance our first line of action can involve something as simple as just taking care of our physical bodies.  During this time period it is important to stay as grounded as possible.  This is not the time to skip meals or too try to fit in many activities in one day.  It is not a good time to watch too much cable news or even negative  horror movies because our minds are already moving too quickly and experiencing higher levels of anxiety because of the increased levels of Vata. 

One of the easiest things to do is to eat warm and nourishing food at this time.  Soups, mashed potatoes, warm cereals and cooked vegetables eaten in a leisurely and thoughtful matter will go a long way towards pacifying vata.  Vata responds well to music, walks in nature, warmth, soft music, yoga and meditation.  Warm baths or body creams containing lavender or members of the mint family are also good for Vata.  Reminding your self that the imagination has the upper hand right now and, that as bad as things appear at the moment, the Vata active mind is on overdrive can be helpful.  There are herbs and Ayurvedic formulas which can easily address Vata imbalances– my favorite source is Banyon Botanicals.

I know that meditation can be difficult for many and during the days of Vata can be even more challenging. However, Vata responds well to meditation.  Meditation should never be a source of more anxiety.  The use of fragrance, music and mantra can be helpful. The ego can be very threatened by meditation and will often fight all attempts at meditation but remember that even five minutes can be beneficial.  One of the easiest tricks for meditation is a simple breath count – inhale for five seconds, hold the breath for five seconds and exhale for five seconds. By keeping the mind focused on the count the itchy nose or wandering thoughts do not get a chance to interfere with your goal.

Venus is also a part of this conjunction and is a kapha planet.  Kapha is the dosha of love and compassion.  Venus is considered to be the planet most associated with the Fourth Chakra – the Heart Center.  During these times the world requires compassion and it can be necessary to give ourselves and loved ones compassion as well.  The events of these times combined with the high levels of Vata can make it easy to lose sight of the compassion that is needed.  An easy way to keep the compassion active is to focus on the Fourth Chakra because that will keep the heart open.  Breath work is an easy and natural way to energize the Heart Center.  While working with the breath focus on the inhale and direct the breath to the center of the chest. During the hold phase of the breath imagine a deep green light in the Fourth Chakra and on the exhale let go of the tension and worry.   

I hope the above can be helpful to you during this time period.  Astrologers, in general, do not get great satisfaction from being right or being the bearer of the news of times of difficulty.  I suspect that many of us, at times, would prefer to not know what we know.  I am always grateful for the fact that Vedic Astrology is connected to the teachings of Yoga and that I have tools at my disposal.  During this time period stay warm, grounded and heart-centered for yourself and for all of us.