Mercury has just joined the Saturn/Rahu/Venus party in the sign of Libra.  We can expect the vata levels to go higher and for there to be less neutral or objective mind in the upcoming weeks.  One of the best things we can all do is to work to keep the vata element in balance in our bodies and minds.

A few days ago family members were teasing and laughing that my tombstone is going to state “the messenger was finally killed” because I had mentioned that we are quickly approaching our bi-annual eclipse events.  It does often seem that the planets these days are stuck in a challenging pattern and that relief is not on the horizon. 

Of course, the challenges are there and we are living through times which will be written about in history books.   Just as a hot and stagnant weather pattern is often broken by a storm – human beings often need to experience storms within their lives and consciousness in order to break through patterns that keep them trapped in unhappiness and fear.  I am seeing so many people waking up to a more positive way of life as they shed old and negative patterns and/or situations in their own lives. I am seeing people discovering a freedom in their lives as old, worn-out situations suddenly disappear from their lives.  I am seeing people discover a new level of empowerment as they assess the changes, find their strength and move forward to grasp new goals and create lives that are more positive.  The key has become to not be completely dependent on outer circumstances in order to judge fulfillment in life.  The point of the planetary challenges is to use the energy for self-improvement and growth. Nothing will help that process as much as the planets dancing as they are dancing right now.

This morning the following arrived in my email box and I found it to be perfectly synchronized with the challenges of our times:

Deeply understanding accepting that life and living is based on change whether one likes it or not is a great step ahead. RameshBalsekar

I will be posting the dates and signs of the upcoming eclipse in the next few days.