The next upcoming planetary cycle promises to be very interesting as we move towards the height of the Mars debilitation and the eclipse energy of 10/18 begins its influence on the conjunction of Saturn/Rahu/Mercury. 

The cycle begins on Saturday, 9/28 at 4:20 p.m., Eastern Time, when the Moon moves into the sign of Cancer and shares space with the debilitated Mars.  The conjunction will be exact on Monday, 9/30 at 10:03 p.m., Eastern Time.  If possible it is best to try and leave Monday evening as a time of low stress attempting too much, especially within the realm of family, holds the possibility of non-cooperation and highly emotional expression.  The Moon is generally happy in the sign of Cancer but this month’s placement can be challenging.

Mercury is now in the sign of Libra which is usually a good placement for Mercury.  This particular cycle finds Mercury in the company of the Saturn/Rahu conjunction.  Mercury rules the intellect, nervous system, objective mind and communication.  Mercury is a planet that does well in an organized environment and he responds with a lighter energy.  The influence of Saturn and Rahu is a heavier energy which can tend towards a more negative mind-set.  While the organizational nature of Saturn is not adverse to the planet Mercury the qualities of delay, responsibility and darker perception can overwhelm the quick moving nature of Mercury.  The erratic nature of Rahu tends towards imagination, illusion and emotive expression.  Rahu can be the opposite of the neutrality preferred by Mercury.  The basic nature of Rahu and Saturn on Mercury can increase the Vata element, put stress on the nervous system and push one’s mind in the direction of dreams based on sand castle or fears based on negativity and depression. 

Obviously, this week calls for some level of protecting the nervous system.  It also calls for us to be prepared for the need of ourselves or others to be able to release emotions or express thoughts through words.   Creative writing or journaling is a positive way to release our thoughts.  We all have people in our lives that tend toward emotive expression and this is a week in which we need to practice patience with others and to not take every word so seriously. (This holds true especially for those who are dealing with teenagers.)   It can be helpful to remember the Vata element – eat accordingly, consciously breathe and remember to take the proper vitamins and supplements.

We can expect a lot of hysteria from the media as they report on the dysfunction of Washington as well as continued shifts on the international scene.  It can be helpful to remember that this is a week of heightened emotion and with Mercury overwhelmed by the energy of Saturn and Rahu there may not be much objectivity or even factual truth in what we are reading and hearing.  However, Saturn is exalted and Jupiter is aspecting the planets in Libra,  which indicates that nothing is anywhere near as bad as it may seem.  Tune out the hype and know that, due to the influence of Rahu, exaggeration is the name of the game right now.

As I mentioned in the last blog piece I am observing many positive breakthroughs as we move through this process.  Many people, and apparently even some countries, are shedding thoughts, fears and attitudes which have prevented a balanced and peaceful approach to life.  Many are learning the empowerment that comes from dropping the fear and preconceived attitudes.  The planets are always good for something.

As Mars nears the height of his debilitation we will continue to see freak accidents and many people will find their energy levels either too high or too low.  In my mind the biggest challenge this week is that people will simply continue to be grouch and unpleasant – don’t take it personally.  Mars moves into Leo on October 5th which is also a day when the Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Saturn are conjunct – Mars will move into Leo with a whimper because we may not even notice it given the intensity of what is going on in Libra.  But, as we move into the next cycle we will be able to notice that Mars has moved into a better position.

All of this energy is laying the groundwork for the last eclipses of 2013.  The eclipses take place on the 18th of October and the 3rd of November.  On a personal level it can be beneficial to pay attention to your own thoughts and attitudes so as to not miss those fast moments of inner realizations and shifts which are actually leading you towards positive growth.   In your own personal charts the houses which are ruled by Libra, Aries and Cancer will be the vehicles for change. 

I will be writing more about the eclipses at a later date.  Please remember that I use a sidereal zodiac and the signs will not match what you will read in newspapers, magazines and other internet sites. 

Take care of yourself – watch your Vata levels and don’t believe all the hype.