Today, Sunday, 11/10 at 4:08 p.m., est,  Mercury will resume forward motion.  He is still in the sign of Libra and within the range of a conjunction to Rahu – the conjunction will be exact on 11/17 – for many of us the energy levels will be higher now that Mercury is no longer retrograde. 

I tend to like Mercury retrogrades despite the computer glitches, travel delays and awkward communication because it also slows us down and gives more opportunity for quiet and contemplative time.  In some ways I view it as a cosmically arranged vacation.  Of course, this particular Mercury retrograde can be compared to going on vacation to a tropical island only to have it rain for the entire vacation.  However, even a rainy vacation is still a time-out and does give one an opportunity for rest.   

This particular Mercury retrograde may move us back into the fast lane quickly.  Right now as I write this the wind is howling and the skies have all of a sudden darkened – fast weather changes and windy conditions are to be expected with Mercury and Rahu occupying the same space.  Surprises might be the norm for the next week or so and for those who have not paid attention to keeping their vata levels in balance the levels of nervous energy may be high.  The Moon is now in Aquarius which adds to the higher level of energy and unexpected events.  The Moon is also aspecting Mars which can add to the desire to move quickly and even aggressively.  It is best to stay grounded.

Mercury and Rahu together can be a positive influence and it is a good time to pay attention to new ideas and breakthrough thoughts because creativity and ambition will be on the rise.  Just keep in mind that it is still important to nurture ourselves and to allow the proper incubation period for all of those inspirational ideas don’t be fooled by the Mars need for speed or the Rahu tendency to not want to pay attention to the details – things do not have to come to fruition immediately.