Mercury is quickly moving out of the orb of conjunction with Rahu and the energy is calmer already.  However, he is just about exactly conjunct our good friend Saturn.  The conjunction will be exact on Monday, the 25th

Saturn can feel heavy and, for people who tend towards a negative mindset, the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn can lead to depression, discouragement and/or a lack of physical energy.  These two planets are considered to be friends and the sign of Libra is considered a good placement for both Saturn and Mercury.  Libra is the sign of balance and harmony – qualities which are welcome after the tumultuous planetary energetics of the recent past.  Saturn and Mercury together can give us all a moment of pause in which to rebalance from the rapid moving events of the eclipse, Mercury retrograde and the conjunction of Rahu and Mercury.  Slower energy can be a good thing especially if one uses that slower energy for rest and/or reflection.  Saturn does not give without effort and it does take an effort and discipline to find the peace behind the quiet energy of the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn. Without the effort to shift negative thoughts Saturn will allow for unlimited feelings of resentment, hopelessness and fear.  There is no other planet which allows for free will quite like Saturn.

This weekend has also has the Moon placed in the sign of Cancer aspected by Saturn which added, for some of us, a level of emotional despondency.  The Moon moves into the sign of Leo tonight, the twenty-fourth, at 8 p.m., Eastern Time.  There can be an increase in energy but also an increase in ego and, due to Mars being in this sign as well, patience with others might be required – sometimes, peace is more important than being right.

Mars moves into the sign of Virgo on Tuesday, the twenty-sixth, at 10:00, Eastern Time.  Virgo is neither the worst nor the best sign for Mars.  Virgo is the sign that rules health and it is important to pay attention to the health at this time especially with regard to the blood, intestinal area as well as viruses and infections.  Mars is a planet which likes numbers, projects and activity.  Virgo is a work sign which favors numbers, organization and details.  This is a time period that is good for paperwork, organization and food preparation.  It is a good omen for holiday shopping, decorating and cooking.  The challenge with this placement will be to pay attention to the physical health and to keep proactively busy because Mars in the detailed and mental sign of Virgo can push one towards negative mental ruminations – it is better to keep busy than to allow Mars to gain the upper hand in a negative way.  This has been a difficult year and most of us have had a share of disappointment and by staying engaged in a productive manner we can not fool ourselves into thinking that our challenges were worse than the challenges of others.

Mars will always bring out the fire in our own attitudes towards the business of whatever house he falls in for each of us.  Virgo, for all of its positive qualities, tends towards worry and the attention to detail can border on petty if we allow the negative mind to gain the upper hand.  As we approach the end of this year the planetary patterns are not as challenging and difficult as they have been – it is almost as if the cosmos decided that we in need of a holiday break.  It is up to us to take this break and to remind ourselves inner peace is up to us alone.  Fortunately, for the rest of the year even the planets are not interfering with our ability to feel peaceful balance.

I have been getting emails asking about holiday specials.  Yes, I am going to be offering the specials this season – I will email everyone with the details as soon as I have the computer details in place.