Mars is now retrograde and is still conjunct Rahu in the sign of Libra.  This configuration is the energetic behind the situation in Ukraine.  The conjunction is close to the ascendant of Russia and, while Mars is athletics and Rahu is celebrity and theatrics (which was good for the Olympics in Sochi), it also brought the military aggression and chaos in Ukraine.  Let’s hope that once Mars moves back into Virgo on March 25th there will be a diplomatic solution to the latest conflict in this region.

 On a more personal level, the Mars/Rahu conjunction is bringing impatience, confusion and surprises into the lives of many.  Sometimes I think to myself that if I had known just how challenging the times were going to be at the beginning of the 21st century, I would have chosen to make donuts for a living instead of being an astrologer because sometimes I feel as if astrologers are the bearers of bad news far too often.

 It’s a time of confusing planetary aspects with the Mars/Rahu conjunction leading the way. These two influences are all about imagination, impatience, aggression, and impulse, but they are sharing their space with the slow-moving, hard-working and ponderous influence of Saturn.  This results in the Mars/Rahu conjunction not even having a mundane outlet for all of that energy as the impulses and high-level energy is blocked from positive action by Saturn.  This configuration can easily give rise to people taking out their frustration and aggression onto people with whom they have a relationship.  The result is that many are experiencing tension as well as erratic behavior from others along with a strong dose of rebellion.  Many people feel as if they can’t take much anymore and are choosing to be negative and non-compliant.  Saturn, of course, demands the opposite since he demands calmness, work and attention to responsibility.  It takes work and compassion at this time to keep relationships in harmony.

 The rebellious nature of this conjunction easily leads to people not being wise or using common sense during this time.  On a physical level, many people are what is known as “vata deranged” which, in Ayurvedic  terms,  simply means that the element of air is too high.  When the air element becomes too high, it can cause depression, anxiety, impulsive actions and unrealistic decisions.  Sometimes, the easiest and simplest course of action is to take care of the physical body.  This can mean meditation and breathwork along with massage and other holistic health care techniques.  It also means that common sense regarding physical needs is required.  This is not the time to skip meals, indulge in excessive drinking, or substitute sugary treats for wholesome meals since that will just increase the vata derangement.  Routine can go a long way towards calming down vata as will getting a restful night’s sleep and some fresh air.  If one thinks of the nervous system as an umbrella, it makes sense to make sure that your umbrella has no holes.  If one chooses to do nothing for the nervous system, the next couple of months is going to be more difficult than it needs to be.

 Jupiter will resume direct motion on March 7th which will bring in a more positive energy especially as he will be aspecting the malefic trio in Libra.  Much of what is being worried about and imagined will not come to fruition and Jupiter’s protection will work to make sure that the worst is not experienced.

 The madness of March will lead us right into the eclipses of April so emotions and imagination will continue to be higher than usual.  2014 is a year of planetary change as we have all of the slower planets changing signs – – Jupiter into Cancer, Rahu/Ketu into Pisces, Virgo and Saturn into Scorpio.  This means that all of us will be experiencing a shift in the nature of our challenges and growth points.  Many are already beginning to feel that there are changes coming and are looking to move into those changes right now (Mars/Rahu).  However, it can be important to not move too quickly on those changes and to allow the current cycle to finish with the lessons learned and the personal growth solid.  Eclipses are good for finishing up karma, letting go of the old stuff and healing from the hurts already experienced.

This spring is the perfect time to work through the emotional baggage, to review what has been learned and to lay the groundwork for the next growth cycle.  It is also time to recognize the internal growth of the past cycle and to look forward to future opportunities while staying in the moment – – grounded and attending to the business of now.  I have found that if one tries to build on the unstable energy of an eclipse that building can often feel later on as if what was being built was being built on sand.  Let this be a time of spirituality, healing and finishing – – that will help us to have new beginnings that are solid but also will allow us to move into the new without the baggage of the past.