Right now we are all experiencing the opposition of the Sun and Saturn.  In Vedic Astrology these two planets are considered to be enemies.  The Sun represents the ego, life-force energy, reputation,ambition, action and new beginnings. Saturn represents endings, slow methodical work, karma and sacrifice.  It is easy to see why these planets do not get along well.  The Sun represents authority and Saturn represents the people and workers.  Both planets have a tendency towards selfishness. At the moment bosses and employees can be at odds and there can be too much responsibility for everyone.  Saturn, in my opinion, is the stronger force at the moment and many are feeling discouraged, tired and perhaps overwhelmed. The aspect is exact on May 11th at 1:50 p.m., eastern time – once it passes the exact degree of opposition the energy will “begin” to weaken until the 15th when the Sun moves into Taurus.  The eclipses are past but as my good friend said – “the difference is like walking through mud instead of quicksand.”  

Mars and Venus are aspecting one another May 18th which gives a boost to creative action.  Use that energy to engage in creative activity – plant those flowers, write that poem or listen to your favorite music as an offset to the heaviness of Saturn and the Sun. This energy can also be good for relationships as long as you are able to stay out of the ego battles of the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra.  The truth is that at the moment very few people are getting their own way – it’s better to find a reason to laugh or engage in creative activities with loved ones.

Given the feelings of both discouragement and the desire to break free there can be times when many of us feel as if we need to lash out at someone, something or life in general.  Each day for the duration of this cycle those feelings will come to the forefront when the ascendant joins Mars – which happens approximately from 3:30 pm until 5:50 pm “eastern time” – adjust the times according to your time zone.  These are the two hours in which to practice restraint and not give into the frustration – we are almost out of this cycle – look for the 16th of May as the time when we turn the corner.