Mercury is now retrograde until July 1st and for some it seems like we are being pulled backwards into emotions and situations which we want to be finished.  The best thing to do is to not overreact and work on clearing out the emotions so they are not carried into the new cycle we are about to enter.

Mars is still reigning supreme and is especially strong approximately from 1:20 pm until 3:45 pm – eastern time – please adjust for your own time zone. Venus has moved past the exact aspect of Mars but will not be completely clear until June 18th but the intensity will lessen with each passing day. 

Planets are weak in the early degrees and late degrees of the sign which holds them.  We are waiting for Jupiter to change signs on the 18th of this month and now is in the final degrees of Gemini.  Since Jupiter is so close to changing signs he does not have much power for good because he is in the late degrees of Gemini.  The nodal points are also rapidly losing power because they are also getting ready to change signs as well.  

We are at the tail end of a rather long cycle and one of the reasons that Mars is reigning supreme right now is because he is still enjoying degrees of power from the sign of Virgo. The best that can be said is that there is physical energy available which is not always the case when Mercury is retrograde.  We can only work at using the Mars energy is a constructive manner while exercising patience and trust especially during the hours mentioned above.