Astrologically, July is going to be a unique month for all human beings residing on planet Earth. Planets will be weakened and strengthened by being at the very end and also at the very beginning of signs as they switch their constellations in their ongoing journey through the solar system. As a result, there will be days when, like a hot summer day, it feels as if the air itself has stopped moving, to be followed by a strong thunderstorm which often breaks a summer weather pattern.

Mercury has resumed forward motion but, as of July 2nd, is still not at a full degree of Gemini so while the cloudiness of Mercury retrograde has subsided, we may not feel as if our minds or nervous systems are working at full capacity. Jupiter is now gaining strength in his exalted placement of Cancer – he will act as a positive influence and work to keep our minds elevated especially if we choose to work with positive mind. Jupiter’s influence will support hope, plans for the future, and the inner truth of our spirit. For those with strong placements in the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, Jupiter’s current transit will be especially positive.

The big news of this month is that the nodal points are changing signs on July 13th as they move from their eighteen month stay in the signs of Libra and Aries. Once they move, they will reside in Virgo and Pisces for eighteen months. The nodal points are indicators of our personal karmas and operate on levels of emotion and subconscious impulses. For most people, the issues of the house placements of Rahu and Ketu will become prominent during the transit.

In the old texts, Rahu was described as a demon who wanted the power of the gods by drinking the “amrit” or beverage of the gods. Rahu was considered to be consumed by his desire for the “amrit.” In individual charts, Rahu is often the planetary force behind addictions as well as obsessions and is often an influence in mental illness. Rahu is happy in the sign of Virgo which is the sign of health matters. I expect to see changes in health care especially with regard to mental illness and addiction treatment.

Ketu always resides in the opposite sign from Rahu which, for this transit, means the sign of Pisces. Ketu is different from Rahu and, whereas Rahu operates through desire and is attached to the material aspects of the mundane world, Ketu is more concerned with the “outer worldly” and a Ketu person often will be a spiritual person. Ketu does well in the spiritual sign of Pisces, and spiritual seekers will appreciate Ketu’s affinity for meditation and other spiritual practices. Pisces has an affinity for music and other creative activities, and we should see new innovations in music and other arts. Both Rahu and Ketu share an affinity towards technology and, in these two signs, we may witness advancements in scientific technology. The movement away from the Libra/Aries axis will relieve us of the difficult conjunction of Rahu and Saturn as well as moving us away from the headstrong energy of Aries. This transit, in the bigger picture, will be an improvement for all of us.

Individually, the houses which are ruled by Virgo and Pisces will be active for the next eighteen months. For instance, if someone has the sign of Virgo on their second house, matters of money, communication, and family will become more important now and the focus will naturally move to those areas of life because Rahu will constantly focus the mind on those areas. Ketu in the sign of Pisces will present the challenge of not leaving behind spirituality or compassion in the quest for money. This same focus will be apparent in whatever house the nodal points fall. Those with planets in Virgo and Pisces can expect the next eighteen months to be active ones – both in gains as well as opportunities for growth.

As Rahu moves into the sign of Virgo, the planet Mars will be moving from Virgo to Libra and will result in a conjunction of these two malefic influences. Mars, as has been the case since 2008, has been a major player in our country,and the time period of July 11th until the 16th will be tense. I suspect there may be a few shocking events around that time. We will all do well to take extra precautions during these days especially with regard to traveling and weather patterns. There is nothing we can do about shocking world events, but we can choose to keep our wits about us during these few days.

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Happy Fourth of July!