Monday, August 25th, is the day of the New Moon in Leo which is exact at 10:13 A.M., Eastern Time, which will be followed by the exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn at 2:51 P.M., Eastern Time. For many it will be a day that feels as if the phrase “Blue Monday” was created to describe the low energy level of the day.  

The New Moon is the time each month when pranic energy is at its lowest and many people simply feel tired.  This particular New Moon comes during a month that has been filled with tension, hostility and shocking events because of the Saturn/Mars conjunction.  The best that can be said is that the energy is so heavy that some of the fiery energy of Mars has been overcome by the heaviness of Saturn and the New Moon cycle.  It is important to give the space to feel the emotional pain that many are experiencing at the moment.  It does no good to deny those feelings or to deflect them to others – there is much going on in the world right now that is causing emotional pain for all of us.  Often by recognizing our own internal pain we can heal the pain within us and recognize the pain of others.  Compassion for ourselves as well as for others seems to be one of the best tools we have during this time. We lose nothing by working with compassion and kindness.  

By the 26th Mars will be past the exact conjunction with Saturn and will “begin” to lose some of his power.  However, due to the transits of the Moon we may not feel the lessening of the energy immediately.  On August 28/29 the Moon will be with Rahu and there could be some more surprising news and people who tend to run on emotion may regain their energy from the New Moon slowdown quickly – it is a day to watch for erratic and impulsive reactions.  As mentioned in the last posting the Moon will join with the malefic conjunction of Mars and Saturn for the 30th and 31st which can bring up feelings of despair and anger.  If ever there was a time to remind ourselves that emotions are not the true reality of our existence this would be the time period to do so.  

I am not a big fan of summer weather and have always looked forward to the month of September but never as much as I’m looking forward to September of 2014.  Expect a challenging final week of August but with the knowledge that there is relief in the very beginning of September.