Mars entered his home sign of Scorpio on September 5th where he will remain until October 18th.  Once he moved away from the restrictive influence of Saturn, it appeared that the drums of war moved from the background into some sort of planned operation.  War is the domain of Mars and his drumbeat will be heard loudly for the near future.

I would think that people who read this particular blog are weary of war and have a desire to see war come to an end. However, that is out of our control, and the best that we can do is to pray, meditate, visualize for all involved in these conflicts. Mars being well-placed might help this current one to be efficient and quick.  Mars is good for other things, as well. Now is the time to undertake projects around our homes whether it is a renovation or smaller project – the energy and organizational skills are available at this time.

Mars is good for focus, and this is a good time for creative projects, physical exercise programs, and for pushing forward with plans for personal changes within our lives. For parents of children in school who might be having a difficult time in school with math, this is a good time period for tutoring and paying extra attention to this particular subject.

Scorpio is a sign that is known for mysteries and secrets. Mars being placed in this secretive sign is going to play a role in secrets and issues being brought out into the open. While the truth might be uncomfortable and cause discord to those involved, Mars – – being the planet of surgeons – – is performing a necessary action for eventual healing and forward-moving growth.

We are also now in “eclipse season” with the Lunar Eclipse taking place on October 8th and the Solar Eclipse taking place on October 23rd. Eclipses are known for surprises and surprising revelations. Given the action of Mars in the sign of Scorpio, we should all “be prepared for the unexpected” when it comes to surprising events and information revealed. If we can stay neutral and not react to every event and bit of news, we can simply decide to watch the events as they unfold.

Adding to the eclipse energy is Mercury going retrograde from October 4th until October 25th. Mercury starts his retrograde in the sign of Libra which is a good sign for Mercury and, on October 15th, he will move back into the sign of Virgo which is one of Mercury’s home signs. Once he moves forward he will then not re-enter Libra until November 4th. It is positive that, for this retrograde cycle, Mercury will be moving through Virgo and Libra as they are harmonious signs for Mercury.

Virgo is the sign of health and can have a strong influence on the digestive system as well as the nervous system. Mercury, even though retrograde, will help will the negative effects of stress on the digestive and nervous systems. It is a good time for all of us to pay attention to diet and to work with breath techniques, yoga, massage, or exercise. Those who choose to eat poorly or who refuse to pay attention to stress levels could find that October will be a month of anxiety and confusion. Focusing inward and staying busy in a positive manner will help greatly during this time period.

Finally, Venus moves into Virgo from September 24th until October 18th when he moves into his home sign of Libra. Venus is not well-placed in the sign of Virgo as it is his sign of debilitation. Virgo is the sign of health, and Venus has an affinity for sugar as well as alcohol. It is not a good time to forget about diet or to attempt to escape reality through indulgence since that can result in health problems via high sugar levels, poor circulation, and upsets in digestion. Mars in Scorpio demands honesty, and the eclipses along with Mercury retrograde are going to feel confusing to many of us. Of course, the media and various players in the world of power are going to use this energy to try and make people more fearful with a strong dose of confusion and misinformation. By taking care of our own perspective and our own physical bodies, October will be a month that moves quickly, and all of us can strengthen our own resolve and truth.