Mercury starts his retrograde motion today (October 4th) at 1 p.m., eastern time.  Mercury goes retrograde every four months and we do not witness the world coming to an end because of it.  This particular retrograde is sandwiched between the eclipses of the 8th and the 23rd. We are already experiencing the eclipse energy with all of the surprises, confusion, drama and illusion that often accompanies eclipse energy.

This retrograde cycle of Mercury can cause the energy to be a bit more confusing but is not going to be fateful. It is prudent to stick to plans made prior to the retrograde but to also expect the plans to be delayed at this time.  It is important in dealing with mundane and practical matters to be extra careful in the execution of contracts and decisions.

Mercury retrograde also presents a time period in which conscious breathing, meditation, contemplation and other stress-reducing activities are favored. It is a time when delays can be viewed as “found” time and it is a good idea to have a good book or music available so that the found time can be used for our benefit rather than using the time as another “stress-builder.”  Fortunately, Mercury is currently in Libra and will retrograde back to Virgo during this cycle as both of these signs are good for Mercury energy.

It is interesting to note that with Mars in the secretive sign of Scorpio combined with the secret revealing nature of the eclipses we are finding out about all of the problems with the the “Secret” Service – the Mar’s ruled quasi military organization assigned to the protection of our President.  It can be easy to either disregard the planetary energies but for those who follow their eternal movements it is hard to deny the effect they have on human events.

Try and take advantage of the opportunities for rest and quiet during this Mercury cycle.  Expect the media driven drama to continue and for some confusion in our daily lives but use the energy of Mercury to find some respite from the eclipse madness.