Saturn has now been in Scorpio since November 2nd, and many are struggling with the new position of
Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn stays in one sign for approximately two and a half years and, just as
he moves slowly, it is often the case that we slowly get used to the energy of Saturn in a different
constellation. Most astrologers consider Saturn to be the planet which is heaviest in energy and Scorpio
to be the heaviest sign of the Zodiac. That so many are feeling negative at the moment is not a surprise.

The heavy nature of Saturn and Scorpio is compounded by the fact that Saturn is currently sharing the sign of Scorpio with the Sun and Venus. The Sun is considered a natural enemy of Saturn and, when they are together, Saturn can block the energy, enthusiasm, and confidence normally associated with the Sun. Venus, while not generally an enemy of Saturn, does get his bright energy blocked if he is too close to Saturn. The New Moon takes place on the 22nd which means that we are already experiencing the low energy of the New Moon cycle. This particular New Moon cycle will take place with the Moon being in his most difficult placement – Scorpio. It is important to remember that because Scorpio is an emotional sign,  most of what we are experiencing is emotional dross and is not a true picture of life. It’s as if one is trying to view a piece of art with the lights dimmed.  It is impossible to see the beauty of the picture if the view is marred by darkness.

An astrological map takes into consideration the placements and interactions of all of the planets.
Saturn is a strong planet,  but he is also affected by the other planets. At the moment,  the peacefulness
and discernment attributed to Saturn is not being felt because the grouping of the majority of planets
does not allow any space from one another, and it “can” feel as if we are walking through mud in
the darkness of night. This particular intensity will be with us until approximately the first week of
December which is when the planets begin to get distance from Saturn.

Vedic Astrology comes from the same source of teachings which gives us the wisdom of yoga. The
combination of these two disciplines gives us a more proactive approach to working with the planets.
Saturn is considered the planetary energy of the first chakra which is located at the base of the spine. The first chakra is considered to be the most earth-bound of all of the chakras and is connected with our ability to achieve stability on a mundane level. It is important to our attitudes toward security and is considered  to house our fears. A malfunctioning first chakra can lead to a fear-based life as well as a totally unbalanced attitude towards finances. That imbalance can lead to laziness or overworking. It can lead to attitudes of greed or to a poverty/victimization outlook. Of course, on the higher level is the truth of Saturn which teaches that true security comes from the knowledge that safety comes through consciousness and knowledge of spiritual existence. If one works with the energy of Saturn as truth and peacefulness, attitudes toward  “mundane security” easily fall into balance.

After the current planetary jam in the sign of Scorpio, we still have a long time to experience the
teachings of Saturn. Saturn will move deeply into that subconscious area of our existence which takes
our inner fears and turns those fears into self-negating thoughts and actions. Saturn also has a tendency
to suppress our physical energy as well as the chemicals in our brains which work towards keeping us
positive and engaged.

Saturn has a strong influence over us – especially with regard to being responsible for our physical and mental well-being. Giving into our subconscious dross may satisfy some parts of the ego, but if we allow those emotions to rule our lives,  there will be little light at the end of the tunnel and we will have little  ability to manifest mundane security. Saturn demands honesty, fairness and action. Without the work, Saturn will bring misery to one’s life even if the subconscious emotions bring one the temporary satisfaction of blaming others and the world for one’s problems and failures.  In the final analysis,empowerment in the 21st century depends on inner strength, discernment in thoughts, and positive actions.

This can seem like a tough road to walk if one allows the heaviness of Saturn to be in charge and if effort is not made to overcome the lethargy… or if one decides to live through an out-of-balance first chakra and believes that lack and restrictions are all that life has to offer.

Fortunately, Saturn does bring rewards and light if one makes an effort and, at the very least,approaches the physical body in a way that offsets a stuck first chakra while energizing the body and stimulating the brain endorphins.

Obviously, Saturn is going to respond well to physical activity  – – a walk in the sunshine, time at the gym,swimming, boxing,  or running will  wake up  the body from t he Saturn lethargy. If one participates in yoga,Saturn and the first chakra respond well to spinal flexes, standing and stretching poses, and specific  pranayamas.

Pranayama is one of the quickest ways of redirecting the energy of Saturn and stimulating some of the chemicals and neurons of the brain. I’ve written before about the benefits of the standard “complete breath” which is done by inhaling through the nose, holding the breath in, and then exhaling through the nose making sure that each part of the breath is equal in timing, ie., inhale for 5, hold for 5, exhale for 5. There is a fourth step that can be added which will help stimulate the positive brain chemicals, and this fourth step is good for working with Saturn energy ; after the exhale –  and for the same amount of time –  do not breathe at all; then begin the cycle again. It is important that the timing of all four parts to this breath be the same and to never add time that forces the body to be uncomfortable.

Saturn responds well to positive and responsible work habits along with physical exercise,  breath work and  mantra. The specific mantra for Saturn is Om Hlim (hleem) Sham Shanaye Namah. If there is any confusion about the pronunciation, it is advised that you seek out someone who knows the proper pronunciation or even find it through Google. Saturday is the day of Saturn and is a good day to chant this mantra. There is a specific sadhana that goes along with the chanting of this mantra.  Please contact me if you are interested in doing the sadhana itself.

To make  the most of  the healing and personal growth  opportunities of Saturn in Scorpio,any of the above will assist in the journey. Not everyone is going to work with the Saturn energy, but if nothing else please know that December is going to be better than November and the upcoming movements of the planets will offer relief to all of us.