We are quickly approaching our first eclipse of 2015.  The Solar Eclipse takes place at approximately 4 A.M., “Eastern” time on Friday morning (3/20). The Moon moves into the sign of Pisces around 10 P.M. and the energy can feel dark and heavy. For those on the East Coast a 10 P.M. bedtime is appropriate and might just be the easiest way to experiences this eclipse.

A quick look at the news of the past week or so shows that the high emotions and confused thoughts which generally accompany eclipse patterns are active and causing even more chaos out in the world.  Until we get through both cycles of this eclipse the energy will continue to feel unstable and emotional until after April 4th.  The key for most of us is to not to give into the emotional reaction because reactions under eclipse energy seldom helps a situation improve.

If dark thoughts or moods appear it can be good to remember the illusionary nature of the nodal points and remind yourself that much of what you are worrying or stressing about is being magnified by the emotional mind and will not come to pass. Time is precious these days but we can all find a few minutes somewhere in the day to relieve ourselves of the negative thought patterns. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to shift the electromagnetic influence of the planets is through pranayama. We all have our “trigger” points and if you feel yourself beginning to focus on old thought patterns or events because of the thoughts associated with the trigger points a technique known as “alternative nostril” breathing can balance the brain very quickly. Find a quiet place for a few moments and sitting in meditative pose or on a chair keeping the back straight place the thumb of your right hand on the right nostril and the pinky of the right hand on the left nostril. Close off the right nostril while breathing deeply through the left nostril for a count of 4 seconds, then close the left nostril and hold the breath for 2 seconds, then release the thumb from the right nostril and exhale for a count of 4 seconds. Immediately begin to breathe through the “right” nostril for 4 seconds then place the thumb back on the right nostril, hold the breath for 2 seconds and release the pinky from the left nostril as you exhale for 4 seconds – you have completed one full cycle of the breath. It is suggested that this be done for 26 rounds in order to achieve the best effect. This will help bring your mind back into balance and will eliminate the growth of the negative thought patterns and/or will keep you from overreacting to others and/or situations you have encountered.
The use of this technique or any healthy technique for balance is the same as carrying an umbrella because it is raining. There is too much noise during eclipses but generally the noise turns out to be just noise and we always have the choice to react or to not react just as we have a choice to carry an umbrella or get wet.