We are approaching the New Moon which takes place on April 18th.  On an energetic level this represents the first new cycle after the maddening energy of the eclipses.  As with all New Moons the energy can be low but the energy after the storm of an eclipse can make the New Moon feel as if we are walking through mud.  It can be important to not try and push ourselves too hard and to give ourselves permission to skip activities and just take some time off to be restful or just lazy.

Additionally, Venus is currently being aspected by Saturn.  Venus is a planet which can feel lighter in energy and affects our creativity as well as our positive feelings towards relationships with others.  Saturn will drag down the energy but if we can accept the energy of Saturn it can also be a time of spiritual clarification as well as a good time for meditation and healing modalities.

The challenge of harmoniously moving with the planetary weather right now lies in moving from the emotional turmoil brought on by the eclipses along with three planets now being in the sign of Aries.  Mars is in Aries along with the Sun and Mercury – this grouping of planets can lead to impatience and feelings of wanting change, adventure and situations to change quickly. We will get an opportunity to work with the fire and enthusiasm of the Aries planets but not during a New Moon or with Saturn influencing Venus.  It is a good time to enjoy the warmer weather by being out in nature or to take advantage of the quiet energy to engage in other healthy activities.  It is most important to just allow ourselves to rest from the storm for the next few days.

By the 23rd of April the Moon will be in Gemini away from Saturn, Venus will have moved out of orb from Saturn and for many of us Spring will finally be here.