Saturn went into direct motion on 8/2 and is now aspecting the Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Leo. On a mundane level Saturn’s action can feel like as if a fierce rain storm has ruined a day at the beach.

On an energetic or spiritual level the beautiful conjunction of the three benefics is still active in the sign of Leo. The Sun is the ruler of Leo and the Sun is said to rule either the sixth or seventh chakras (opinions differ on the rulership). Both of these chakras are connected to our higher consciousness. The conflict with the Sun and our connection to the higher frequencies is that due to desires, fears and disappointment human beings tend to focus on their individuality and the ego becomes the driving force in our lives.

Saturn as the planet of truth is working to remind us that none of us are truly separate from the whole of creation. The world needs to understand this concept as it is the false belief in separation coupled with ego desires which so often prevents solutions to the many problems we are experiencing at this moment in history. An effort to connect to our inner selves and to understand that one’s suffering is not so unique from the sufferings of others will go a long way towards unlocking the beauty of having Venus, Mercury and Jupiter conjunct. What we learn can stay with us as a truth in our lives.

There is a wonderful technique taught in the Buddhist tradition called Tong-Lin which can relieve our sense of being alone and rejected in our suffering. Take a few moments to inhale while imagining that the breath itself is coming in through the top of the head. While inhaling imagine you are bringing in your own pain along with the pain of others. The darkness of the negativity can be past or present and allow those pains to be absorbed into the center of the heart. When it is time to exhale do so with forgiveness, release, compassion and love for self and the world. This is a simple but very powerful meditative action and will serve during the next week or so while Saturn’s aspect is so close to Venus and Mercury.