As I write this we are just past the “exact” New Moon in the sign of Virgo, and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is still conjunct Rahu. Mercury will be closely conjunct Rahu until October 22ndand will enter the sign of Libra on October 29th. Mercury being retrograde in the sign of Virgo and then conjuncting Rahu as it went direct is one reason why, for many, there didn’t seem to be much relief from the energy of the eclipse or the ending of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is a fast-moving planet which tends to have an effect on weather as does the eclipse points. We have certainly seen the havoc in weather patterns caused by this configuration in the past few weeks. Mercury is also an important influence in money matters, and the stock market has shown the erratic nature of the eclipse energy as well. Due to additional configurations, we can expect some continued volatility until December of this year. It is important not to give in to economic fears or impulsivity while at the same time staying on course with one’s plans.

Within the teachings of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, seasons have an element assigned to them. Fall is the primary season for Vata energy. Vata is the element of air, which promotes mental agility, fast movement, and communication. When Vata is not in balance, it leads to anxiety, groundlessness, erratic eating patterns, and sleeplessness and can cause problems with the nervous system. Mercury and Rahu are both strongly Vata, and they are both in Virgo, the sign of health. It is important right now to take care of the digestive system especially with regard to the intestines as well as being watchful of the immune system since this is a time of year when allergies are high, and we are heading into flu season.

Nature tends to have an order that can keep us in balance, and this is the time of the year when soups, mashed potatoes, and other comfort foods filled with the flavors of fall are favored.Eating these comfort foods regularly can go a long way toward pacifying Vata energy, and each of us can easily find favorite foods to enjoy right through the fall season. Keep in mind that sugar is not good for high Vata, and it is best to not skip the soup in favor of an extra piece of pie. Massages, yoga,and Vata teas are recommended as is quiet time with a good book or good music. If you’re in a cool enough climate, a soft blanket while relaxing is also a good thing to calm down the Vata.

There can be creativity in the musing and ideas of Vata energy,and with the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo, there is support for following through on creative and productive projects at this time. (If you happen to have strong Leo or Aquarius in your chart,this is an especially productive and positive time for you.) Vata can be very scattered, but this particular conjunction has the energy of Saturn affecting it. Saturn is not always a dreadful influence; he just requires patience and work. Vata likes ideas to manifest quickly, which often prevents the project from being completed. Because of the Saturn influence at this time, there is planetary help in completing those projects if the Vata is kept in balance and one works with patience.

The changes we are experiencing will continue, and Mars is going to step up to the plate beginning in November as we move through the balance of this year. I will be writing about that in the next blog, but in the meantime take a moment to exhale and move with the energy of fall by keeping the Vata in balance while allowing an expansion of the positive mind.