Tonight at (12/21) at 11:48 p.m, Eastern Standard Time, is the exact Winter Solstice – the official beginning of winter.  It is the shortest day and longest night of the year and a time when the Sun appears to stand still.

In today’s busy world the Solstice arrives in the midst of the holiday season and many struggle to even catch their breath for a few moments.  The solstice brings a cosmic energy which marks the beginning of the Sun beginning to regain its power of light as each day will bring an increase of daylight.  Because of the alignment of the Sun with the Tropic of Capricorn there is an energetic call to align ourselves with a basic cycle of the universe. It is a good time for healing and higher awareness.

Many people dread the dark winter months and yearn for warmer weather during the entire season.  It can be helpful to keep in mind that the seeds of Spring are growing both literally and spiritually during the darkness of the winter and it the day of the solstice which marks the germination of the new life.

The solar energy is believed to reside in the Crown Chakra right at the top of our heads and the right nostril represents the solar channel which runs through our bodies and chakras.  Try and find even five minutes in your busy day to close off the left nostril and breathe through the right nostril in order to pull in the energy of the return of the solar energy and visualize this energy renewing your body and spirit. Another simple technique that can be done as you prepare for sleep is to imagine a bright Sun above your head and pull in the energy of that Sun to clear out the old energy of 2015 while filling you with the healing and hope of the new Solar cycle beginning.