I have been working on another article for my next blog which had nothing to do with this election. However, based upon my inbox and Facebook messenger, I have decided to write a little something about yesterday’s upset.
A few years ago a colleague and myself joked about how given the extreme difficulty that comes with being the President perhaps we should be looking at the candidate who has the worst, not best, chart. That is exactly what happened yesterday as Donald Trump’s chart was in worse shape that Hillary’s.

Of course, the chart of the United States needs to be taken into consideration as well. The USA’s chart is currently under the dasa (current primary planet) of Rahu. Rahu is the king of surprises, illusion, deceitfulness and the world of performing. One can easily see President-Elect Trump as a Rahu figure. However, Rahu is also forward moving in his results and despite the fears I’ve been hearing we will not be giving up the progress that has been made. We will have to be on our toes and involved in order to survive the rocky change ahead but backwards is not the direction we will be moving in under Rahu.

Yesterday’s election chart had Mercury move into Scorpio the 12th house of secrets, betrayal and illicit activity, in the early afternoon and it is likely that there was some level of voting fraud but most likely not enough to wage a fight over by Ms. Clinton.

What is more notable was the position of Saturn in Scorpio which indicates that the wave of anger which kept building during the eight month stay of Mars in Scorpio was imbeded in the Saturn energy and had not dissipated in time for common sense to return to the electorate. This would account for whatever percentage of the voters chose a protest vote and are planning on enjoying a show just as if it is one of Trump’s reality shows. Perhaps those voters are planning on stocking up on extra popcorn.

The bigger factor was the election day opposition of the Moon (ruler of people, especially women, mind and emotions) to Rahu (lies, deception, illusion). The democratic nominee was a woman whom has had a deliberate war of lies and hatred waged against her for decades. The targeted audience are people who don’t even consider fact checking and over the past decades and, especially during the Obama years, have chosen to live in an world based on media driven lies with little relation to fact or truth. The proverbial chickens came home to roost as they voted on their illusions, fears and, for far too many, hatred of the “other” whomever their personal “other” happens to be and there are many “others” in their world vision. These voters were the perfect audience for television reality star turned politician.

Keeping in mind the nature of Rahu we can expect the show to continue as Trump continues to say whatever he feels he needs to say and stirs the murky waters around us all. However, it is important to remember that Trump lied to “everyone” including those who believe they just need another gun and a rich white guy in charge and order will return to America. The very first people that Donald may disappoint could be the low-information voter who cares nothing for knowledge or truth. Donald does not actually have a record of supporting values like citizenship to a two day old zygote or assisting in allowing guns in the hands of every America nor does he have a reputation as a religious zealot – despite his newly-found religiousity. Will the destructive “base” be the first to feel the knife in the back?

We then have the so-called “fiscal conservatives” who have been slowly starving our nation as they fight their war against high-debt (even though “facts” prove it is always the GOP who raises the debt). Their leader is now Donald Trump a man who believes very much in carrying debt as a way to conduct business. How quickly will the debt hounds feel the knife? Donald is a man who is going to understand that our failing infrastructure, expensive drug wars, uneducated peoples and prohibitive college costs are costing us money. The fiscal hawks may be in for a surprise. Even the die-hard racists may be disappointed as they discover to Donald the color green is the most important color of all. He may like white dominance but he likes green as well. We all know that this is the last historical stand for the old “alpha anglos.” We stay out there and keep in mind that The Donald is a deal maker above all else and we push back forcing deals. Remember that The Donald fought his own party members fiercely – he has one loyalty only and that is too himself.

This is not a positive moment for our country because hatred and ignorance won the day but it doesn’t mean we are done as a nation. The 2018 election has a good chart for America. No matter the changes around us we will keep moving forward. My biggest concern is foreign policy and the policing of our communities. It is important to keep in mind that despite the media’s representation our people of color citizens have moved forward and do have a power base let’s all help to use that power base in individual communities, be vigilant and keep building on power because time is on the side of a universal humanity. We will not be stopped by a Carnival Barker and ignorant, angry and hate-filled people.