Solar eclipses do not generally get as much attention as Lunar eclipses.  A Solar eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, and the New Moon is considered to be the darkest night of each lunar cycle.  The New Moon marks the end of one lunar cycle as well as the beginning of the next lunar cycle.

On an energetic level, it is an important influence as it marks the lowest point of available prana, but also indicates the beginning of the building up of prana.  Each New Moon represents the opportunity that each of us has to shift gears, if we need to, so that we can begin anew.

This New Moon is more intense because it is accompanied by an eclipse.  Eclipses do not have a physical body but rather represent a point on the constellation belt which will obscure the Sun, Moon, or both during an eclipse cycle.  The eclipse points (Rahu and Ketu) in a natal chart will often indicate karma, talents, ancestral qualities, and mental quirks.  During an active eclipse there are unexpected events taking place in the world and others, as well as ourselves, can be more emotional than usual.  The eclipse energy often works with the garbage stored in our subconscious minds.

The eclipse will take place on 2/15/18 @4:15 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.  During this eclipse the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be closely conjunct in the sign of Aquarius.  The sign of Aquarius is known for forward-thinking, a universal attitude and high energy;  these qualities represent an expansion of our minds.  As we approach the new Lunar month, we should all be seeking a more inclusive and hopeful attitude in our lives.

Since the eclipse points do not have a physical form, it is not always easy to define the nature of the eclipse, but we can use the nature of the New Moon to give us information on the energy of this eclipse. This is a powerful New Moon because of both the eclipse and the conjunction.  The conjunction itself is aspected by a powerful Scorpio Mars which indicates that there is a strong Mars energy associated with this eclipse.  Mars can be a fussy influence to contend with during eclipses and New Moons.  Eclipses can bring out the subconscious garbage which leads to over-emotionality, and the New Moon can have the same influence.  The New Moon is an influence of lower physical energy and often represents a few days when the body and mind will be more restful – Mars pretty much takes away the restfulness. An eclipse will often bring up the old hurts and resentments which fuel the overly-emotional state of mind that can be observed during an eclipse time period.

There is a strong connection between the teachings of Vedic astrology and the esoteric teachings of yoga especially with regard to the energetics of the chakras and meridians which often represent the “unseen” causation of physical and mental situations.  One of the ways to decipher some of the unseen energies is through the understanding of the “Nakshatras” which are a fine-tuning of smaller sections of each zodiac sign.  The New Moon is taking place in the Nakshatra of Dhanistha and is ruled, of course, by Mars.  At the most basic level it indicates that the lunar month which starts on the 15th will have a Martian energy.  This lunar month will last until the Pisces New Moon of 3/17/18.

Dhanishta is located between Capricorn and Aquarius in the middle of four stars named by astronomers as Alpha-Delphini, Beta-Delphini, Delta-Delphini and Gamma-Delphini. The symbol for Dhanishta is a drum.  Dhanishta translates as “the wealthiest” or the “most beneficent.”  This nakshatra, when strong in a birth chart, has a reputation for bringing luck and assisting in the achievement of goals.

The drum, as a symbol, indicates music and hollowness.  The hollowness indicates receptivity to outer influences.  In its highest expression,  it helps one be receptive to the higher influences and can aid a person in becoming an instrument of the universal mind without the ego interfering with the process.  The same hollowness can also leave one open to the lower influences surrounding society which can lead to a selfishness and even ruthlessness in achieving one’s outer goals.  This particular nakshatra is a placement which has the ability to harmonize the divergent energies of Saturn and Mars.  It falls in both the signs of Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius, as well as being the place where Mars is exalted.  It has the ability to bring wisdom to the actions of Mars along with being able to use time in a constructive manner as indicated by Saturn.

As we move through this eclipse energy it can be helpful to recognize our own disappointments, impatience, and even anger so that we can process those emotions and move into a greater receptivity of the universal flow.  This is possible even during difficult times.  Mars is well known as the planet of war, anger, and aggression but his finer qualities of focus, music, creation, and courage are often ignored. This eclipse and New Moon gives us all the opportunity to move our consciousness from angry constriction into a more expansive expression.  Mars is the ruler of the third chakra which is not only the core of physical power it is also the seat of both laughter and positive outlook.  No other planet can focus as strongly as Mars, but it is up to us to choose and direct our minds towards the positive expressions of life.

Exercise, laughter, and restraint of anger works well with Mars energy in general but since we are looking at a New Moon Eclipse, I thought I would offer something more.  These techniques will help with both the personal process that eclipses bring about as well as having to deal with the high-level emotions of the many unaware people we deal with on a daily basis.

The simple mantra “Om Ram” chanted 108 times will work to harmonize the energy of Mars within the energetic body.  It serves as a protection from the negative energy of others and can help to restrain ourselves from uttering words which will be regretted later.  There is a simple meditation known as “Tonglen” which comes from Buddhist teachings.  If you are feeling pain, anger, frustration, or fear simply inhale the thoughts and feelings deep into the heart and recognize that those feelings are also being felt by millions of other people and, on the exhale,  project compassion for the sufferings of all.  Finally, music is very much favored right now and is a good time to use music to heal and expand the higher frequencies.

We are surrounded by drama, deceit, and suffering as we go through this time of change and it is often easy to miss the positive side of change which is waking people up and expanding horizons.  Eclipses heighten all of the feelings, but the Nakshatra known as Dhanistha will work with us toward the more positive aspects of this time of change.